It’s estimated that 2.8M Australians (and 271M people globally) use Twitter each month, discussing and researching every topic imaginable. We’ll show you why Twitter matters to you, how to stand out and we’ll even save you some time with some free, and easy to use, tools to manage your account.



Why Twitter is important to you

Profile building, Trend Watching & Networking

Following and engaging in conversations with peers, influencers and major brands on Twitter will help you build a strong local and global network and discover new trends and inspirations. To become a trusted, credible voice in your network and showcase your knowledge, skills and passions, post and Retweet content that adds value to your followers

How often you post depends on how much interesting news there is, how much time you have and how much time you want to devote. To start aim for 2 – 4 posts / Retweets a day and plan about 30 minutes each day to research, post and engage with your followers.

Making Twitter Work for You

Hannah @healthsynergy and Sophie Fisher @coconutandbliss Photography by Couleur Studios


Define your purpose

Like any form of social media it’s important to define your interests, purpose and voice on Twitter. Whether it’s fashion, news, food, tech, or photography, having a defined purpose means your time and efforts are used effectively to find, follow and engage with the right people, conversations, content and hashtags.

Without a clear purpose it’s difficult for your network to understand if you are right for them, and difficult for you to manage your time, build a credible profile or add value to others.

Personalise Your Profile

Your Twitter Handle, Bio, Profile Pic and Header Image are all hugely important in showcasing you, your personality and interests.

Make your @ handle logical and simple. If possible make it the same or similar to your other social media profiles, websites or blog, which you should also link to. The best profile pictures are bright and vibrant, your header image is perfect for showing off your style and your Bio tells your story. They are all customisable so take the time to get creative and complete them all. Keep your profile fresh by updating everything occasionally, as seasons or your mood change, so can your whole profile.

Here’s one example of a personalised Twitter profile and some more tips for a great profile and bio.

Content and Networking

What is the best content to post?

Entice, inform and entertain your network with eye catching images; draft interesting headlines and copy – appear in Twitter search results by using keywords and hashtags in tweets; post varied types of content (video, images, articles, interviews etc) and about a variety of topics within your interests.

To stand out from the crowd develop your own style and tone, don’t copy others; research and share content that’s unique, unexpected and different to everyone else’s; and create your own content to share your own personal perspectives.

For more tips on publishing great content, here’s some ideas shared by 7 of the best Twitter influencers.

Trending Topics and Hashtags

Millions of conversations using Hashtags and keywords happen every day on Twitter and Trending Topics highlight the most popular in real time. Varying from city to city, hour to hour, person to person, you can filter Trending Topics by location or your interests, tailoring what you see to your personal needs.

With so many people participating in Trending Topic conversations it’s the perfect opportunity to discover and be discovered, so get your name out there!

Managing Twitter – making it easy

Twitter Lists

You’re likely to have more than one interest and follow a number of accounts for each one, this can make your feed difficult to manage. Twitter Lists make it easy by allowing you to separate and organise posts about different interests. Your Twitter Lists are accessible from your Twitter Home Page and you can read more about creating and managing lists here.


Managing your Twitter account like a pro is easy with the right tools

TweetDeck allows you to manage all your Twitter activity in one place, and it’s free. Reply, post, schedule tweets and analyse the results. Managing your Twitter, Facebook Business Page, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts in one place Hootsuite is also free and will save you even more time.

If you have more than one account, Twitter’s Multiple Account Login feature lets you manage them all from an Apple or Android mobile device. Here’s how to set it up.

To help grow your following learn which audiences, categories and keywords are your strongest with You’ll see which followers don’t follow you back, recent unfollows, new followers and can run keyword searches to find new accounts to follow.

Find the most popular influencers in your field, just be aware that there may be costs to use these

Managing Trolls

Trolls are unfortunate part of social media. The best way to deal with them, is not to feed them. Engaging with them only encourages them. The only way to win, and save your mental health, is to walk away.

Read our post on staying safe online for more tips like this.

Used effectively Twitter is a powerful communication and relationship building tool. Our 8 Tips to Top Twitter will have you raising your profile, building new local and global networks and inspiring others while being inspired in no time!



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