We recently caught up with John from ClassBento to hear how they worked with influencers to promote their creative workshops.

ClassBento connects users to fun, accessible and affordable workshops that bring them together with the creative community. ClassBento aims to promote better mental wellbeing within our communities with $1 from every booking being donated to Dementia Australia.

01. Tell us a bit about the brand.

At ClassBento we’re all about getting people to switch-off, learn new skills and discover new passions away from digital screens. Our super-connected culture has led to a massive increase in stress levels and burnout and many people are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy balance.

The creative workshops we offer on ClassBento provide the perfect opportunity to take a step back and have some fun creating something with your own hands. Whether it’s a pottery class, a calligraphy workshop or a juggling lesson, we want people to be inspired by our incredible teachers and have a great time learning something new. But most importantly, we’re building an empowered creative community of teachers and makers that is accessible to everyone!

02. Where did the inspiration come from?

I can pin it down to three main influences. Firstly, I have always wanted to learn the basics of woodworking and brush lettering, but was never able to find a short or convenient course close by. Secondly, I was seeing many people in my industry facing burnout and being over-connected to their phones. I learnt that creative workshops were a great way of switching off and re-energising. Finally and probably the biggest factor was more personal. I lost my Grandma to Dementia and Alzheimer’s just two months before my daughter was born. I thought to myself: “How do I reduce the risk of Dementia for myself so my daughter doesn’t have to go through what I did? How do I stay socially and mentally active?”

These three factors helped me to conceptualise the idea of making creative and fun workshops easily accessible for everyone through a marketplace website. ClassBento connects hundreds of local artisans and markers with people of all ages wanting to try out anything, whether it’s creating latte art or making terrariums.

03. What were you looking for in your talent?

We wanted a well-known couple with a strong community of followers to participate in one of our workshops on Valentines Day. Most of all, we really needed a couple who were down to earth and could really reflect the fun, creativity and bonding experience that a ClassBento workshop provides. We were also looking for inspirational women excited about being involved in a hands-on workshop who would be willing to share their experience with their networks.

04. Who did you select and why?

We chose to work with Andie & Jesy @thetravellercouple because they have a really strong community and breathe the vibrant and fun energy that fits with our brand. We were also super excited to work with Taryn Williams and Rebekah Giles, two incredible entrepreneurial women that inspire us and who we thought would also inspire our social community.

05. How did it go?

Perfectly! The group had a great time creating beautiful flower crowns in a private workshop run by Nikki Zeng of @peonystoryflorist. It’s always such a positive experience to connect like-minded people and bring out their creative sides.

06. What’s next for the brand?

International Women’s Day is coming up and so many of our ClassBento teachers are incredible entrepreneurial women running their own creative businesses and workshops. Keep an eye on our social channels next week as we begin to highlight some of our teachers and share their stories.

You can find ClassBento on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.