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October 20, 2023

A Client's Code On Creating Irresistible Briefs for the Ultimate Influencer Collabs on The Right Fit

Master influencer briefs: the key to a successful collaboration. Craft compelling briefs and boost brand-creator relationships. Dive in now!

Ever scrolled through your feeds, seeing influencers rock those brand collabs like nobody's business? Well, hold onto your hashtags, because we're about to spill the beans on how to create mind-blowing briefs that'll make you the ultimate brand all creators will want to work with. Influencer collaborations have transformed the advertising landscape, allowing brands to tap into the authentic voices of real creators and collaborate with people who genuinely resonate with the brand. At, where brands and creators meet, in order to attract the best aligned talent to your campaign, it is vital for brands to master the art of creating briefs. In this guide we provide you all the key ingredients to help craft a perfect brief. Starting with the perfect title to aesthetic mood boards, we delve deeper into campaign objectives, key talking points, deliverables and submission guidelines to get the most out of your future collabs.

Campaign Brief Checklist 📝 

A well-crafted brief acts as a roadmap for influencers, clearly communicating the campaign’s goal. The creative brief is an essential document that includes key details such as campaign objectives, target demographics, desired messaging, and preferred content formats. When influencers understand the brand's values and goals, their content will effortlessly resonate with their followers bringing your brand new audiences and ROI’s! 

Get your notebooks out, ‘cos we’ll be checking these off:

Step 1: A Catchy Title 🎤 

When it comes to captivating the right talent, the title becomes your ultimate weapon. Put yourself in their shoes—imagine scrolling through opportunities; a long, vague title might lead you to swipe past without a second thought. This is where a compelling, informative title steps in. Think of your title as a sneak peek—just enough to pique interest without overwhelming. Consider blending in the brand's identity, the dream product, and a hint of the campaign objective or content type. It's like mixing the perfect cocktail—a balanced combination that leaves a lasting taste. The goal is to make talent pause and think, "This could be it!" So don’t be afraid to be different or toss in an emoji or two. Remember, you're not just crafting a title; you're crafting a dream opportunity. Use this as an opportunity to get your peers and colleagues involved too. Review your past ones that worked or didn't work. Get ready to welcome the perfect talent with a title that'll target your next ideal talent 🚀🌟


Step 2: Campaign Overview - The Blurb of Your Brief Bible 📖

Now's the moment to dive deeper into the essence of your brand, product, or service. Remember to sprinkle in those juicy tidbits that truly make your brand shine. But, let's keep it simple—no overwhelming info dumps here! This section of the brief is all about the essentials, the bits that make you go "Aha!" and cover all the bases of the campaign itself – try to include who, what, where, when, and how. Imagine this: you're putting up something cool for sale, but you leave out crucial details like size of the item or quality… yep…cue the flood of questions! We're all about making things smoother at, so why not include these key deets upfront? It's like having the answers ready before the questions even come knocking. Not to mention if your brand name is a bit of a tongue-twister, here's the time to educate or, or drop in phonetics for transparency.

Step 3: Who You Want to Collaborate With - Finding The Perfect Match 💝

This is your moment to explain further the type of creators you're seeking, whether it's those with a strong following, fresh faces, or those aligned with our brand's ethos. This saves you time from having to sort through any influencers that do not align with your brand and also money spent on content that doesn’t deliver the desired execution. According to, influencers tend to collaborate with brands who they share common values with. Some characteristics to take into account are: location, category/niche, age range, follower locations and ages. 


Step 4: Campaign Objectives - Let’s Get Down To Business 💼

Whilst the campaign overview gives you a teaser, the real star of the show are your campaign objectives. Here’s where you lay out your specific goals, allowing creators to understand your campaign’s soul. 


Key Talking Points 

Explain what you want your creator to shine the spotlight on. It’s best to give these as a guide and not exact wording to avoid sounding ‘scripted’. This allows for your influencer to use their natural tone of voice and maintain an authentic connection with their followers. You’ve selected this creator for a reason, trust their voice!


Step 5: Deliverables & Submission Guidelines - Who? What? When? Where? 🔎

A well-defined outline of expected deliverables not only offers clarity but also serves as a roadmap for influencers to align their efforts with your brand’s vision. By specifying the number of deliverables, you prevent any ambiguity, ensuring that every facet of the collaboration is accounted for.  It’s essential to consider various aspects while crafting these expectations, ranging from the platform the content will be shown on, to the specific format it should adhere to. Technical requirements, such as resolution and aspect ratio, may also be communicated to effectively maintain visual consistency. The influencer contract must feature a clear timeline that spells out content due dates and campaign live dates. Leave no stone unturned!


Step 6: Do’s and Don’ts - Sum it up! 💁🤦

A creative brief should distil key information into a clear and concise format. Balancing creative freedom with product promotion is crucial for influencer success. To achieve this, consider using bullet points or a Do's vs. Don'ts. This way, the influencer can effectively work within the suggested guidelines and have a clear understanding of what should be avoided and what to highlight. Maintain a minimalist approach here, the more succinct you are, the more focused and aligned the influencer becomes with the message. These quick points also extend to caption details, CTAs, visual styles and any regulatory standards related to influencer marketing - can’t forget the #ad! 


Step 7: Mood boards, Let’s Get Visual 🧑🎨  

Craft a vibrant mood board (Pinterest and Canva are your allies!) overflowing with ideas and inspiration. This mood board will be your influencers' North Star for style, so, get unapologetically specific! These visual cues can bring your brief to life and nip reshoots and budget surprises in the bud.


Still not seeing it? 👀(Ha, get it?) Head on over to our comprehensive "Master Your Moodboard: How To Effectively Curate Your Campaign’s Vision Through Imagery For Better Collaboration With Creators!" blog post for valuable insights and ideas to turn you into a mood board artiste!

Whilst it’s vital that your influencers comprehend the visual content you expect them to share, influencers also possess their own unique aesthetic, essential for maintaining authentic content. Leave some wiggle room and feel confident in the influencer you have chosen to collaborate with!

Influencer briefs aren’t just nuggets of wisdom for your creators; they're also the secret sauce to nurturing your creator relationship. They foster collaboration, streamline communication (end email rallies!), and align visions, ensuring your campaigns shine. Oh, and they also dress your brand in professionalism and make you and your product look fancy. By mastering these essential components, you’ll empower The Right Fit creators to elevate your brand and create content that resonates with audiences far and wide. 

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