And you thought all influencers were just bikini models, didn’t you? Jake Ross is an Australian Artist and illustrator who has an iconic and individual style renowned here and internationally, working with the likes of Bonds, Creative Authority, Justin Bieber, Globe, and Life Without Andy. He creates murals, prints, merchandise and collaborates with brands not only to create some pretty epic labelling and marketing material but also as an influencer with a 30k reach. As one of our awesome talent here at, we wanted to find out more about him.
Jake, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do? I’m Jake Ross, I’m an Artist / Illustrator. I spent the majority of my 20’s in the defence force and travelling overseas, now I spend all of my time, painting, drawing, surfing and travelling overseas to paint and draw! haha. I work in traditional means by brush, soft colour Pantone with strong monochrome traditional lines. I specialise in creative artwork either the traditional mural, artwork or digital means with design and illustration.
You are available on as an influencer – what kind of work do you typically get? As an Artist  & influencer, I work on digital illustration campaigns, murals, throughout heavy foot traffic areas for promotional purposes. I also speak at creative talks and panels. I collaborate with clients on different avenues, with how the right creative take can be successful to them, either a digital campaign, touch campaign with painting or live talks etc.
You’ve just been overseas working, tell us a little bit about it? I just got back from a three month trip over to Central America and Southern California. The first part of the trip I was working with companies and brands during the Day of the Dead festivals, creating large murals through Mexico City, (I painted 10 in two months) and Digital illustrative pieces for various Tequila, beer and alcohol companies. I then travelled to Southern California (I can’t disclose too much), working with Justin Beiber on a new album launch, where I will design multiple digital illustration concepts (to be used throughout his album campaign), murals around the States and album covers.
Amazing! Well, we know why you’re so popular. You have had the opportunity to work with some other epic brands as well, whats some of the highlights? I love travelling with clients so some of my notable brands are international as well as national; Bonds (Australia – Coming out with a new range in 2020), Pullin (Southern France – Coming out with a late 2020 range), Creative Authority (Australia – Mural projects throughout the year), STAB Magazine (Australia), Barney Cools – Australian animal collection 2020), Coffee Cartel (Bali – Murals and illustrative concepts for the restaurant, menus, tees, coffee cups, branding for the company), Hennessy Whisky (Ireland), Buffalo Trace (USA), Corazon Mezcal (Mexico – 2020 release), and I’m about to start on a mural tour with Billy Blue, College of design, and currently working with VB on the 150th release. I’m working on a project right now with Dope Lemon – Angus Stone.
You currently have 30k followers on Instagram but you work worldwide. Where is your following mainly based?  I have a largely focused Australia, Southern Californian and New york, Tribe. With my soft Pantone colours and traditional means, I attract the majority of sunshine states and a highly creative audience (The arts, communities) 60% female 40% male.
Lastly, we know you must love what you do- you’re super passionate. What do you love most about working with various brands? I wake up feeling I’m the luckiest guy alive, I get to challenge myself on something I love every single day. The greatest thing about my industry is the challenge. I feel I have to beat the last project I’ve completed and I challenge myself to blow my clients mind with something they need. The creative freedom on a project, the trust and respect you earn from great work, it’s the most satisfying feeling. The chance to travel and paint, I wake up punching myself.
Jake is a passionate, genuine and insanely talented artist available now on To check out some of his work you can find his profile linked below. We can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for you, Jake!
Oh, and if you are after some Bikini models, we have those too 😉 x
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