January 18, 2023

Best acting and modelling jobs: How to get them without an agent in 2023

Looking for the best acting and modelling jobs? brings you the latest information and best tips for all aspiring talent.

If you are a passionate actor or model trying to make it in the industry and you hate to find a job with an agent, who eats up a percentage of your pay, then you should read on. This article will explore how you can get the best acting and modelling jobs and give tips on succeeding without an agent. You will have to work a little harder, but it’s worth your time and effort. 

Let's discuss a few essential tips and tricks on how you can stay ahead of the game.

Craft an Amazing Professional Profile

A well-crafted professional profile attracts brands wanting to work with you. List all of the skills and qualifications you have in your field. Include headshots, photos from previous gigs (if any), videos of performances (acting or modelling), etc., as well as contact information such as your email address and phone number so potential employers can reach out directly if they like what they see. Doing so makes it easier for brands to discover you and evaluate your work.

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 Use Auditions and Open Calls 

Keep an eye on upcoming auditions and open calls in your area. These are great opportunities for you to get your foot in the door of the acting and modelling industry. By attending auditions, you expose yourself in front of people who are looking for talent like you. 

Open calls help you network with other actors and models. Many talent agencies organise open calls from time to time. You can use these events to get feedback, apply for jobs, and build new relationships with the right people in your industry.

 Use Social Media to your advantage.

Smart use of social media can be an effective way to reach out to your favourite brands, get noticed, and land an audition. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter provide great opportunities for actors and models who want exposure in the entertainment industry without relying on agents alone; use these sites wisely by posting quality content regularly that will draw attention from casting directors, agents and brands alike!

  • Create an Instagram Account

Instagram is the Go-To channel for aspiring actors and models to be on. Create an Instagram account and post your professional shots. Remember to use the right hashtags to make it easier for potential brands to discover you. 

  • Use other social platforms

Use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms to connect with industry professionals and get your name out there. 

  • Follow brands and industry influencers

Follow brands and influencers to increase your exposure, network with people in the industry and get your name on your favourite brand’s radar.

Network at Industry Events

Networking is a great way to get your foot in the door of the modelling and acting industry without an agent. You can network with people who have experience in the industry, such as photographers, makeup artists, stylists, casting directors, and other models and actors. 

Industry events are a great way to connect and learn about new opportunities. Attend conventions, fashion shows, workshops, and other events to get yourself out there and build relationships. Make sure to bring business cards or your headshot so that people can easily remember you and get in contact with you.

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Forge Beneficial Partnerships 

Build strategic partnerships with the right people in the industry. You just need to be willing to forge partnerships with people, and you can do it without an agent. Connecting with other actors, models, and industry professionals helps you gain insight into the industry and opens doors to more opportunities.

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Networking builds relationships and helps you find out about job openings before they're listed publicly. Make sure to attend industry events and join professional organisations in your area. You can also reach out directly to agencies, casting directors, and photographers to create a rapport and discuss potential projects.

Having a few well-connected acquaintances in the entertainment business can be immensely helpful in getting your foot in the door of the acting and modelling world. Try to contact people, ask for advice, and follow up with them regularly. Having the right contacts increases the chances of getting the job you want.

Join Acting or Modelling Associations

Joining an acting or modelling association can be a great way to find jobs without an agent. Professional associations are good sources of information about casting calls and auditions and opportunities to network with other actors and models. 

Some organisations also offer workshops, seminars, and other resources to help you hone your craft and develop your skills. Being part of an association can also provide you with valuable industry contacts, which can help you land a job. 

If you hate joining associations or are tired of being bogged down by association fees and meetings, might be the perfect platform for you. Our platform connects you with brands, streamlining the process of finding and working with the ones you like without the hassle of joining an association.

Send Out Submissions and Follow Up

Not only in the acting or modelling industry but in any industry, sending submissions and following up with potential brands is essential. This can be done through mail or email, depending on the company's requirements. Include a resume or headshot with your submissions so employers can better understand your experience and skills. After your submission, it is essential to follow up with the employer to ensure that they received your materials and show your interest in the position. Following up with potential employers can help demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm, which can be beneficial in obtaining jobs without having an agent.

Use Job Search Engines and Boards

Using job search engines and online boards is one of the best ways to find acting and modelling jobs without an agent. Many websites are dedicated to posting open casting calls, auditions, and other job opportunities for actors and models. 

Searching through these sites can be a great way to find the right gig for you. However, being aware of any scams or illegitimate postings is essential. Not all online platforms are honest and ethical. Be sure to research any opportunity before applying, and never pay a fee to apply for a job. Additionally, it’s wise to create a professional profile on these job search engines and boards so that your profile stands out from the crowd.

Our social media pages ( facebook and Instagram ) are also the best way to find unique brands and connect with them easily. So, be sure you check them out. 

Create helpful content for the target audience

When you create relevant content for your audience, you connect with them on a deeper level. This helps you build trust and credibility, which is essential to succeed in the acting and modelling industry.

Some ways to create relevant content include:

  • Creating podcasts and inviting industry leaders and aspiring artists over to the show
  • Creating educational content about your craft, such as acting or modelling techniques or tips on how to break into the industry
  • Sharing your personal experiences and challenges as an actor or model in a relatable way
  • Conducting Q&A sessions with your followers to give them an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about you and your career
  • Highlighting your philanthropic efforts or causes, you are passionate about
  • Sharing your workout and fitness routine, if applicable
  • Offering acting or modelling advice to those who are just starting in the industry

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 Monitor Your Applications

Keep track of your applications. It can take time and effort to remember which roles you have applied to, what you have already sent, and when your subsequent follow-up is due. It is important to keep a record of all your application materials so that you don’t have to start from scratch each time. 

You can use a spreadsheet, a notebook, or an online tracking tool to track your applications. This will help you ensure that you send out suitable materials and follow up on all your applications on time.

Utilise online talent platforms like

Finding the best acting and modelling jobs without an agent can be intriguing. But with the internet at your fingertips, getting a foot in the door is possible. There are many online resources available to aspiring models and actors. You can find various opportunities from resource websites that list casting calls to talent-specific social media platforms.

With a bit of effort, you can be well on your way to becoming a successful actor or model without an agent.

For Australian and New Zealand talent, our own online talent platform is the best. It offers many opportunities for brands and talent to come together without middlemen. It has an extensive database of brands you can easily connect with. You can create your profile on the site for free and showcase your portfolio, which allows brands to discover you. 

If you are ready to land your next big acting or modelling gig, download our app, and create your stunning profile, and we look forward to seeing you succeed in the industry!

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