This week, we spoke to Cocktail Porter.

Cocktail Porter is an online monthly subscription that deliver cocktail boxes designed by some of the best bartenders in the world directly to your door; with each months box changing depending on what is in season.

01. Tell us about the brand and how you got started?

Cocktail Porter was conceived as all great ideas are – in the presence of great friends and even better drinks! After identifying a surge in off-premise sales as a result of increased at home entertaining occasions and an uptake in food delivery services, we set out to create a modern, on-demand product for those wanting to shake up their drinks game. Premium cocktails outside the bar was the name of the game and our range of DIY cocktail kits and bottled cocktails did just that – giving consumers the opportunity to make bar worthy cocktails without ever leaving their house. 

Our current DIY cocktail kits can be purchased as a one off box or monthly subscription service. Each box makes between 15-18 cocktails and contains premium spirits, boutique ingredients and step by step instructions to shake up cocktails like a pro. For those wanting a no fuss, ready to pour alternative, we developed a range of bottled cocktails. Hand crafted by the bartender, bottled with love and delivered right to your door, our twists on your favourite signatures include Blood Orange Negroni, Salted Honey Old Fashioned and Olive Oil Martini to name a few.

02. What’s the most popular cocktail on the menu?

Our Espresso Martini Box is our most popular kit, especially for parties and Friday office drinks. We use a premium cold drip coffee which pairs beautifully with Ketel One Vodka and only a dash of sugar syrup. Finished with grated organic dark chocolate it’s decadent but light all in one sip. Definitely a crowd pleaser when you’re next entertaining.

When it comes to the bottled cocktails you can’t look much further than our Blood Orange Negroni. A firm favourite this summer, we’d added a blood orange twist which delicately cuts through the bitter sweet flavours and leaves you wondering why you didn’t order one more. You’re in luck though – a standard Negroni is 60mls which means if you’re feeling generous each cocktail can be shared between two.

03. I’ve just ordered my first cocktail kit….. now what?

Sit back, relax and wait for the Porter to deliver it to your door! If you’ve ordered a one off cocktail box and you’re ready take it to the next level you can always purchase one of our monthly or quarterly subscriptions, which means discounted cocktail boxes and a flexible service you can pause or cancel at any time.

04. What are your tips to perfecting my cocktail drinking experience?

There are only a few things standing between a good and great drinking experience but they are very important. My first tip is quality spirits – believe me you can taste the difference and your head will thank you tomorrow. Next, always have the right glassware. A quality glass really heightens your drinking experience. If you want to step it up a n

otch, chill your glass in the freezer for 15mins before serving. Last but not least you don’t need bar kit to make great cocktails – but it certainly helps to make the process easier. Invest in a couple of basics like a cocktail shaker, mixing glass and strainer and you’ll look and feel like a pro the next time you’re entertaining.

05. If I want to go out and drink… What are the coolest bars in Australia right now?

  • Tasmania – Etties – Basement bar with live music and great cocktail featuring Aussie ingredients.
  • Perth – Wildflower – restaurant with incredible drinks showcasing native ingredients.
  • South Aus – Maybe Mae – Innovative drinks list ran by some of the most passionate in the industry.
  • Victoria – Fancy Free – Newly opened by ex-Black Pearl alumni. Unpretentious and fun.
  • QLD – Maker – Small space that fits barely 12. Serious drinks served by un-serious bar staff.
  • NSW – Bulletin Place – An institution that still changes its cocktail list every day based around the seasons and their own house fermentation program.

06. Tell us about the content creators you worked with on

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic content creators on the to date. Our brief was simple – to help bring our kits to life in every day situations to help inspire consumers to create their own at home drinking occasions. Their delivery was so simple and seamless and the service impressive – each content curator took the brief and created their own personal cocktail journey, documented through a beautiful range of photos and videos. One curator even went as far as to set up an at home cinema evening with friends and family where they shared our Treacle Old Fashioned Box under the stars. are our new secret weapon!

07. Where can people connect with you?

You can speak with us through our InstagramFacebook or our Website

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