Are you a dog-obsessed influencer that loves to spoil your fur-baby? Do your followers lose their minds every time you post about your dog? That’s basically the brief of the campaign we were recently sent. 

Bright Star Buddies were looking to collaborate with a diverse range of influencers who have big, fun and colorful personalities.

Bright Star Buddies shared with us their inspiration, ups and downs, how their brand grows and their expected ROI.

1. What was the inspiration behind Bright Star Buddies?

When we adopted our fluff-ball Coco in the middle of 2018, we struggled to find a dog tag that was durable enough to look long into the future. Fortunately, we’ve got some amazing printing technology that we use for our other brand Bright Star Kids, and this gave us the ability to create a dag specifically for her. All our team members loved Coco’s tag so much that they wanted one for their dogs, and so the brand Bright Star Buddies was born.

2. What is Bright Star Buddies? Tell us a little more about the products.

We create the most jaw-dropping range of dog tags, bandanas, and clothes that come in a huge range of designs to suit all types of dogs. They’re all designed and printed in our Australian studio, and then shipped to dog-families all around the world.

3. Have you had any challenges along the way?

Of course, with any new business, there have been hundreds of obstacles along the way. The main challenge we’ve had is perfecting the way we print our dog tags to ensure their durability. Thankfully, during our testing phase, we were able to create a secret sauce to apply to our tags protecting them from the rough and tumble of life with dogs.

4. Who did you choose to work with through and why?

We knew Instagram would be a huge marketing channel for us, as that’s where most of our audience spends their time. We also recognised that hiring influencers would give our brand greater reach in the social media market, which is why we decided to try out We’ve hired traditional P.R. companies in the past, but often their plans were too rigid and managing the RightFit influencers ourselves gave our marketing campaign the fluidity it needed to move with a fast-paced e-commerce audience.

5. How did you find working with talent through

We absolutely loved how we could search for influencers, and easily view their Instagram accounts in rather than having to go to Instagram directly; it saved us valuable time. We were also incredibly excited by the number of excellent candidates that responded to our ad. The messaging app did present us with a few unexpected challenges, especially when trying to negotiate rates and what we would get for our budget, but overall we had a great experience.

6. What plans do you have for the future of the brand?

We’re really happy with the growth of the brand so far and we’re extremely pleased with the amazingly positive response we’ve had on all our social platforms. People seem to be loving all of our designs, which is really exciting to see. We will most likely add to the range of products, as well as add some more collections to the existing range. Once we have built a strong Australian base, we will most likely expand to promote to Asia, UK & the US.

7. Where can we find you?


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