Supporting local businesses is more important than ever, that’s why we are proud to work with Sydney-based and family-owned jewellery brand, Dracakis.

01. Tell us a bit about the brand?

Dracakis is a family owned and run boutique jewellery store located in Sydney’s north. Having been around for almost 40 years we have really positioned our self as the go to handcrafted jewellery destination for the North Shore and Northern Beaches. We manufacture all jewellery on site in our workrooms as well as dealing with repairs, services and alterations. We specialise in Engagement Rings, both custom designed and brands such as Hearts On Fire.

02. Where do you draw inspiration from?

It’s really hard to pinpoint. Inspiration is everywhere in the smallest of things. It could be raining and that inspire a piece or we could be specifically looking for a solution to a problem and then a whole new design concept comes to mind. If you keep your mind open I think you can be really inspired by anything.

03. Tell us a little bit about the talent you have worked with from

We’ve worked with various talent from We’ve engaged photographers to shoot both social content and events. A huge Shout out to Lucy Alcorn for always delivering on our ideas and creatively just taking them to a new level. We’ve worked with various models and influencers to create content and be the face of our brand socially. They all offer an individual spin to our brand to the everyday woman making us more relatable.

04. Who did you select and why?

We chose to work most recently with Lucy Alcorn, Zarq Mozelle & Jill Wright. To be totally honest, the reason why wasn’t their look or body of work. We already knew they had excellent portfolios from when we booked them the first time. We booked the talent again because of the way they delivered the brief, their attitude on set, the commitment to our vision and going above and beyond what was expected.

05. How did it go?

Couldn’t have gone better!

06. What is next for the brand?

Our brand is always growing and looking for ways to interact with our customers and potential new customers in a way that resonates. We have a few big things in the works for 2019!

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