At the, we love innovative, edgy and sassy new brands. And of course, we love a great Pinot Noir (who doesn’t?) So, we’ve sat down with Rebecca Cope from Accolade Wines, to find out all about Madam Sass to get a low down on their brand story and check out some of the fab content this brand is bringing to a screen near you soon.

Tell us about the brand and how it got started?

Madam Sass is an enticing range of wine full of attitude, style and extravagance. The idea started in New Zealand with our winemaking team who wanted to make a quality, easy to drink Pinot Noir targeting consumers who need a wine brand to help them to navigate & discover new wines safely – they’re not overly confident in wine.

We have now launched the brand in Australia and will be expanding the range quickly in this market. 



Does the brand have a muse? Or what inspires you in the products / ranges you create?

Madam Sass lives her life with daring indulgence.

She is our homage to heroines and heroes. Gutsy individuals who hold little regard for the establishment and relish in taking risks.

An enticing range of wine full of attitude, style and extravagance. She is well travelled and adventurous which gives her license to make wines from anywhere around the world (NZ/Australia, Europe and LATAM) – our ranges will not be restricted by location. Delicious and uncomplicated taste (doesn’t get hung up on single vineyards)



What were you looking for in your models/influencers?

We were looking for influencers who best represent the brand, people who don’t necessarily play by the rules but still appeal to a wide audience to help us build brand awareness. We need their assistance to communicate to our target market who are looking for a wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously while also knowing it’s going to taste like a quality wine.


Who did you select and why?

We selected 10 influencers whose feeds stood out as something that is fun and sassy but who could also help communicate the quality of the wine.



What’s next for the brand?

We have an all year round digital strategy in place for this brand to help launch this Pinot Noir in the market. And in coming months, we will hopefully be expanding the range and launching some very exciting and delicious wines. 


If people want to learn more, where can they find you or get in touch?

They can visit us on instagram @madamsasswine where you can see all the influencer posts. If you want to try a drop yourself, you can buy it  online at Dan Murphy’s here.