We recently spoke with Amanda Dyer, she told us about her journey as a high-fashion international model, entrepreneur and new beginnings with her family in Sydney.

01. Describe your journey in a nutshell:

I started modelling from a young age and grew up working in cities like Tokyo, Paris, Milan & New York. I was blessed to have worked with every major designer on a young model’s wish list – such as Dolce & Gabbana, Max Mara, Calvin Klein, Versace, Issey Miyake and many more.

From runways to campaigns, my work took me around the world and I have since forged life-long friendships with so many amazing people from different cultures. My young family and I moving to Sydney in June 2019 to live on Manly beach. We are all very excited to adopt our new Aussie life and can’t wait to get there!

02. Besides modelling, what else takes up your time professionally?

I also own and run Living 360 Magazine, a vibrant global platform that produces content around fashion, travel, culture etc. It’s been my passion project for many years and I’m proud at how it’s grown.

I also run the famous Facebook group ‘Singapore Expat Women’ which (together with all splinter groups) has a community of approx.. 30,000+ expat women based in Singapore. Facebook recently acknowledged us as being one of the most vibrant groups of its kind in the world. The community also has it’s own website www.SingaporeExpatWomen.com

That said, I have an excellent team in place to run these ventures which frees up a lot of my time.

03. What do you love most about the modelling industry?

The fashion & modelling industry has given me so much to be thankful for. I travelled the world and worked with so many amazing people before I turned 20. This also turned me into a confident and independent young lady which really helped me with everything else I did later in life.

I love that many other young girls and boys can have the same opportunity I had and am always supportive of their endeavours.

04. What do you tear your hair out about?!

Unprofessional models.

I have always taken this profession seriously and that means, getting to work early, getting lots of sleep (especially before a shoot), having a great diet and keeping yourself in good shape. All of this sounds logical but keeping a tight discipline is always harder than one thinks.


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