The ever changing and growing world of influencer marketing raises many questions for businesses. 

Should they engage influencers; how do they engage influencers; what are the benefits of engaging a social media influencer?

Leading PR, social and experiential agency, Red Agency joined forces with this week (October 26) to help businesses in Brisbane get an insight into the benefits of influencer marketing, giving them the opportunity to meet successful local influencers and learn more about the do’s and don’ts of this growing promotional genre.

Held at the Brisbane Powerhouse’s highly regarded Watt restaurant, businesses from a range of industries gathered to hear from an expert panel hosted by Yasmine Gray, Red Agency Brisbane’s Principal. Featuring’s Founder and CEO Taryn Williams and Influencer/Owner of The Unrefined, Nicola Scruby, guests had a chance to ask the questions so many businesses have when considering whether to engage influencers to promote their brand.


Over 50 businesses from industries such as tourism and beauty, to fast moving consumer goods, manufacturing and more eagerly took note of the key points to remember when looking to use a social media influencer.

The key takeaways from the event you may like to know:


What is the difference between an influencer and an ambassador?

Influencers are different to ambassadors as they have a very unique target audience and are usually seen as more authentic, whereas ambassadors are usually paid by the brand to be the face of the brand most commonly for quite large campaigns. Influencers tend to resonate with audiences more as they have already built a relationship with their audiences.


How much does it cost to use an influencer?

How much an influencer costs really depends on how many followers they have and their follower engagement. However, it shouldn’t be looked at as a one off occasion as it is more beneficial to both parties to create a relationship. Influencer relationships are very important and influencer collaborations with brands are becoming more prevalent.

Red Agency influencer breakfast

What should I watch out for when using influencers?

As a company you need to sit down and work out the audience you want to target. Once you have done this you can start to narrow down the types of influencers that will be the right fit for you. Sometimes going for the influencers that have the biggest following is not always the best option due to their very broad audience. Niche influencers that genuinely would use your product tend to give companies more genuine interaction.


How do I find the right influencer?

Work out what success looks like to your company and what brand message you want to convey. From there you will be able to target the right influencers for your brand. Find influencers that are experts in their field and influential in the field you’re trying to target.

Also look at how their sponsored content is resonating with their audience to see if they are getting the same amount of interaction as they do on normal posts. Influencers can be found on all kinds of social media by doing a general search and from apps that specifically facilitate brand and influencer relationships like

Red Agency influencer breakfast


What are Fake Influencers and how can I spot one?

Fake influencers are the newest nightmare and haunt all of our Instagram feeds. Fake influencers, whether it’s a robot or someone who pays for their followers, are the latest tricksters when it comes to brand marketing – and lots of brands are getting caught up in their schemes!

A big following doesn’t necessarily translate to an engaged following, neither do fake influencers. Always keep this in mind, know the signs and check for red flags (i.e. spam comments or Instagram accounts).


Rules and Regulations – what are they/are there any?

A contract is the perfect way to establish what you and the influencer want from the partnership/relationship. You should document things such as how long the content will go for, key words to use and if the product has to be sent back to your company or not, just to make sure all your bases are covered.

For more details on the rules and regulations you can visit’s regulation codes here

To find out more and hear the complete panel session on the Red Agency Facebook Live please click here

The event was also held to raise funds the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To donate please click here

Red Agency has rebranded to Pink Agency for the month of October in honour of its chosen charity to celebrate its 15th Anniversary.

Red Agency influencer breakfast

Red Agency influencer breakfast