Meet July Luggage, they sell modern suitcases with a difference; they can charge your devices. The case is designed to be functional, fashionable and unbreakable. They come in a range of colours including pastel pink and are silent when to wheel around, making them the ultimate suitcase. 

Influencers from seem to think so as well! Taking the suitcase on their trips and documenting everywhere they go. 

Does the brand have a muse? Or what inspired you to create the product?

If you’ve ever had to buy luggage in a store you know how drab and painful the experience is. No one knows anything about the bags, they’re always on sale, and typically made for 10% of the price you paid for them.

Traveling, either for work or pleasure, is an experience that needs to be as delightful, easy, and seamless as possible. We wanted to create a brand that put research and consideration into the products we make to ensure that they live by a simple rule: beautiful and unbreakable. We read almost every review and road tested almost every suitcase. We found the key issues people had with their luggage (mainly, carry on, because these were the most frequent of travelers). They told us that comfort and durability were the key things they were looking for. So we spent a year developing a carry on that answered their call.

Tell us how the product works

The July carry-on has a lot of considered detail in a small package. We found that polycarbonate was the perfect material for strength and lightness, however it was weakest on corners where most people found issues in the past. So we created a new kind of edge with German polycarbonate that was rounder and bouncier, making it even tougher when dropped. And for the corners we reinforced them with anodised aluminum, making it the strongest case on the market. Additional comforts are the integrated ejectable power bank so you can charge your phone and laptop, an extendable handle that stops at 20 different heights (not just 3), and wheels so perfect they glide quietly on every surface. Inside, we kept it simple and clean: an interior lining that has a 1200 thread count and doesn’t stain, while including a hidden waterproof laundry bag inside.

A simple, beautiful case that has considered everything you need to travel seamlessly.

What’s next for the brand?

July is about creating seamless travel moments through more considered products. We’re launching two larger check-in sizes, some clever packing cubes and beautiful overnight bags. All things that make your travels easier to enjoy.

What inspires the colour palette of the products?

Most people get attracted to a hero colour but end up buying black or something close to black! That’s why you always see crazy colours in car ads, but they end up just selling the black or neutrals. 4 of our 5 colours are kept dark on purpose, to appeal to that need to keep our bags beautiful but neutral enough to match with whatever you’re wearing while traveling. We did an experiment on the Nude because we love these natural colours coming through in other products, especially leather. We have been surprised by the excitement around the Nude! It’s given us the freedom to do more lighter colours that talk to the desire for natural colours and textures in other areas we like.

What’s been the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment as the founder of the brand?

We’ve been researching, designing, and testing our first case for just over a year now. The most exciting part has been seeing people get excited about what we’ve created and fall in love with their case. This is the most surreal feeling.

Advice you would give yourself if you were starting again?

Focus on the features that matter most to your audience; don’t underplay what their motivations are. Make sure everything you build is centered around their needs.

How can people get in touch with you?

@july across all socials, or email us at [email protected]

“ has been great to work with! The quality of the photos for offline use have been superb, and our posting requirements so far have been executed accurately by all of the influencers we have engaged.” Athan – Founder – July Luggage

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