July 10, 2019

Sydney restaurant builds hype & UCG with influencer gifting

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Brief:   The Smoking Panda, a CBD bar & restaurant was looking to drive traffic into their venue in Sydney and get some great user generated content from influencers. They posted an offer in our contra directory, offering influencers with over 10k followers to come and dine in exchange of an Instagram post tagging @thesmokingpanda The …

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July 7, 2019

Actors: Telstra

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Telstra was on the hunt for some authentic talent to help educate customers on the wonders of 5G. A real surfer and a real fitness expert explaining the benefits of 5G in their language. A great idea, beautifully executed with the help of our talent community. Telstra, Australia’s leading provider of mobile & home phones, broadband …

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June 19, 2019

Booking 18 creative talent in a foreign market

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  BUDGET                 TURNAROUND                   TALENT APPLIED                TALENT BOOKED                                          $15700            …

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June 8, 2019

Influencers: BrightStar Pets

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Are you a dog-obsessed influencer that loves to spoil your fur-baby? Do your followers lose their minds every time you post about your dog? That’s basically the brief of the campaign we were recently sent.  Bright Star Buddies were looking to collaborate with a diverse range of influencers who have big, fun and colorful personalities. …

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June 7, 2019

Mummy Bloggers + Socially Responsible Baby Brand = Bliss

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Eco-conscious Mummy Market Be Bliss Baby positions itself as a socially responsible company providing reusable cloth nappies to the growing eco-conscious Mummy Market. However, the features don’t stop there. Be Bliss Baby is both stylish and functional allowing Mum’s to turn an everyday product into a fashion statement.     Be Bliss Baby were searching …

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May 6, 2019

Models: Champagne Duperrey

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Glamour, excess and fun… that’s our kind of shoot! Sourcing 7 actors from theright.fit for this playful and fun campaign, Champagne Duperrey produced their stills & video shoot in an 8 hour shoot in Sydney in a private residence. Sourcing talent who were over 25 years old (for alcohol advertising, this is a legal requirement) …

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April 28, 2019

Change is Coming With This New Greenpeace Commercial

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Greenpeace Commercial Greenpeace Australia Pacific is one of Australia’s largest environmental organisations. The organisations mission is for our world to have greener, healthier oceans, forests, food, climate and democracy. The most recent Greenpeace TV commercial featured Izaak Love , an upcoming actor/model from theright.fit.  This campaign called for a young man that is around 20-25 of Middle Eastern …

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April 23, 2019

Meet Ms. Kensington

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 theright.fit were absolutely stoked to work with Ms. Kensington on their latest campaign. Ms. Kensington is a brand dedicated to modern romantics that want to feel inspired by what they wear and confident when they wear it. A lingerie designed luxuriously, beautifully and sensually to flatter and make you feel fabulous (Who doesn’t love to feel fabulous?). So what …

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April 15, 2019

Scott Bidmead: Working With theright.fit as a Client and Talent

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Working With theright.fit mead.media is a media house for brands based in Australia. They do work with advertising and public relations as well as expert film production. Throughout the last year they have worked with theright.fit talent for many brand campaigns and partnerships. These brands include MAM Baby Aus and Lucky Chicken Eggs. MAM is …

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April 15, 2019

Brazillian cut fashion with Karen Hurley

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Brazillian cut fashion Karen Hurley Collections is the creative vision of designer Karen Hurley from Sydney, Australia. Karen is known for her made-to-order swimwear and party wear  designs.    For her 2019 collections, Karen was in search of a model who is comfortable wearing high cut and brazilian cut swimwear. The campaign includes the following briefs:     …

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