Elizabeth Grace
Creating images that work in multiple markets is no easy measure. But for Irish born designer Elizabeth it’s all part of a day’s work.

We sat down with the incredibly talented Elizabeth to ask her a few questions about her first experience using theright.fit to book creative talent in Singapore.

What attracted you to theright.fit?

I loved that I could connect with talented people both locally and internationally. As a designer, I work in multiple markets. Finding a model and a photographer is not easy. 
Using therigth.fit was incredible because I could actually see the talent’s body of work and curate a style that suits me. 
Also, I liked that I could find them both on the same platform.  I did not have to resort to multiple channels. It just saved me so much time!

Elizabeth GraceTell us a bit about the brand

Elizabeth Grace Couture embodies romance and the modern day woman. I design for the girl who falls hopelessly in love. Who has a rebel heart, a bohemian spirit and leaves a touch sparkle in her trail.

Where did the inspiration come from?

I am inspired by old romantic images. Girls galloping into the sunsets, running through grass field to meet their lovers. I’m inspired by nature, the ocean, the moon and the stars anything that sparkles and shines.  I am also inspired by beautiful fabrics. When I find something that set’s my soul on fire I NEED to create something in it. I find that is where my best work comes from. Everything falls into place once you have a beautiful fabric.  

Elizabeth GraceWhat were you looking for in your talent?
For a photographer, i wanted someone who could show personality in the clothes, tell a story with images.  Be creative with his/her shots and push boundaries and surprise me as well as following a brief.

In a model, i  was looking for a girl who has a zest for life. She must be warm and make others feel good in her presence.  How we make other people feel is extremely important to me and want my brand to reflect this..

Who did you select and why?
As a model talent selected Brie Benfell.  Brie has a bright and bubbly personality, a real “can do” attitude.  All the models are beautiful but Brie has a smile and twinkle in her eye that lights up the room. She is a free spirit but with a glamorous edge which is captivating.

As a photographer, I selected Laurent Ruelle.  From his portfolio you can see that he has a strong unique style, but also he is flexible to meet his client’s needs.  Laurent is passionate about horses, animals and nature, I loved how he catches not only the aesthetics but the personality of each animal.  He has an adventurous spirit with his work which was an obvious pick for my brand.

How did it go?
The shoot was seamless…. Not problems at all which is a first for me!  We got some great shots and both Laurant and Brie just stole the show with their professionalism. Laurent was so creative pushing boundaries to get a wide range of different images from the limited space we had.  They were both very passionate to get the most out of the shoot to which was really fantastic for me.

Elizabeth Grace
What’s next for the brand?

I am opening in a new store in Singapore as well as working on expanding my online presence.  I am designing an occasion wear collection now as it has been popular with a number of celebrity clients… there may be a special collaboration in the future! Watch this space!

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