Hellofuture TV is a video centric company that works with brands and agencies to develop and produce outstanding and compelling content marketing.

Emily Bull, Executive Producer and strategist of Hellofuture TV called upon our services to help cast 9 video spots for Jacob’s Creek.

When it comes to casting for adverts, Emily is no stranger to our platform. In fact,  she frequently comes to us first because the range and access to talent is second to none.”

By using our platform, she was able to cast:

  • 1 x female lead actor with a humorous speaking role
  • 1 x male feature actor with a Euroupean aethetic
  • 1 x female feature actor with contrasting looks to support lead actress
  • 8 x picture perfect extras

What do you think of the video spots for Jacob’s Creek and Sun Craft? 

Job // Petit Rose 15″

Lead // Madison Lloyd

Feature //Jacqui B

Extra // Bonnee F

Job // Sun Craft Dress-ups 15″

Cast //  Amelia C + Ayeshah R + Kathy Y

Job // Sun Craft Cinema 15″

Cast // Alex A + Amelia C + Ayeshah R + Kathy Y + Miguel L + Shalane Conner 

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