We recently sat down with Brittany Bloomer, Head of Marketing at Myriad, to get her views on utilising The Right Fit for their latest event which took place in two destinations – Australia and the USA. 

Tell us about the event, the idea, and how it got started?
Martin Talvari, Founder & CEO of Myriad has travelled to over 80 countries and hosted tech events in 38 of them! He is a nomadic traveller, with a mission to connect the dots between startups and investors. Two years ago, he arrived in Australia and truly believed it was the next big thing in the tech space! Since then, he has built Myriad, Australias largest emerging tech and innovation event, with a connection between Silicon Valley and Australia. Whats so unique about this event is that it starts up high in the sky, in a private 747 charter, flying leading investors/entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley over to Australia, with the opportunity for startups to pitch to them on board. Myriad’s mission is to help connect the dots and provide opportunities for Aussie starts up to expand and flourish.

Hodid you engage influencers in the lead up to the event, and why?

Through my role as Head of Marketing for Myriad, I wouldn’t shut up to the team about the importance of social influencer marketing. Before Myriad, I launched an International viral Kickstarter campaign, called Petflair which raised $108k in the period of one month. I believe the power of this campaign skyrocketed because of influencer marketing. So, when I got involved with Myriad, my main focus was to introduce influencers to the event, who shared a common interest with the brand’s interests: tech, startup & education.


I believe the power of this campaign skyrocketed because of influencer marketing. – Brittany Bloomer


How did you engage influencers during the event, and why?

I sourced TheRight.Fit influencers for many different opportunities via Myriad. 

1) Myriad Event Attendance – We invited influencers to attend Myriad and share what they learnt at the event with their network. Majority of the influencers responded enthusiastically, even sharing a pre-post, encouraging their followers to join them at the event ahead of time (thanks legends!).

2)  Myriad Air Seat Give-Away – I launched an online giveaway for Influencers to go in the draw to win a seat on Myriad Air (a private 747 charter full of Silicon Valley tech-stars), I had no struggle sourcing influencers to get involved via TheRightFit. They were required to answer the following question ‘Which Myriad Speaker would you like to meet & why’. We ended up giving away two prizes (a total of $12k in value – with flights + hotel + event ticket, networking goodies!)

3) Bloggers – We did a call out for any bloggers who wanted access to our incredible Silicon Valley speakers for content for their blogs. We came across bloggers in the health/tech fields who were super excited to select which speakers they wanted to interview.
4) Event Ticket Give-Away – TheRightFit gave away tickets via an EDM mail out, encouraging interested applicants to comment on their Instagram photo. The response was AMAZING! Hundreds of comments! It was great to see how much interest this event gained for the influencer audience.


Not only did the influencers have a high engagement ratio, but they were all incredibly enthusiastic and lovely to deal with! – Brittany Bloomer
What was the outcome?
TheRight.Fit delivered above and beyond! The platform was incredibly easy to use and the calibre of influencers was high! Not only did the influencers have a high engagement ratio, but they were all incredibly enthusiastic and lovely to deal with! Also, the online support team were super helpful and responsive too. 

Who did you select and why?
I selected influencers who shared similar interests to the Myriad event. I wanted to ensure that the influencers that participated in Myriad, were passionate about technology and the startup world. I was able to successfully find incredible talent via TheRight.Fit who were not only interested in this field but also actively involved in it too.


What was your highlight of the event?

My highlight of the event would have to be the endless networking opportunities with people in all areas of the startup eco-system. It was great to connect with ambitious individuals in similar fields to me. I have walked away from the conference, not only feeling inspired by these people, but also with new friendships that will hopefully blossom into some great business collaborations too!

If people want to know more about Myriad, how can they connect with you?
Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] – the team at Myriad are already rolling their sleeves up for an exciting event next year. The great thing about working with this incredible team, is their approach that the sky is the limit! Prepare yourself for an exciting new year and expect the unexpected! 😉 
Taryn Williams