One of the great joys of any fashion moment is the story.  A good story will stay with you. It will make you see, feel or remember. Like Brigitte Bardot dancing barefoot in breton stripes in And God Created Woman. Or the great 90’s supermodels rocking “FREEDOM” 90’s style.

Nonetheless, a good fashion story is much more than the clothes or the brand. It’s the model or muse, captured (just so), through a gifted lense, which really brings the magic to life . This is the true brand experience – the artist and the muse.

A muse can be a mirror: a reflection of the artist’s desire, anxieties,dreams and needs. Vince Aletti


Penny M PhotographyPenny M

There’s no doubt Byron based brand, Golden Brown The Label has style. Their brand perfectly encapsulates the 60’s folk festival vibe. Think Woodstock, Hendrix and Neil Young and you’re starting to get the right idea.

Golden Brown is for those of us who sift through bargain piles, troll market stalls and vintage stores, but will splurge occasionally on that one must have item if you ‘have to’. We know you. We are you. – Golden Brown The Label

So how does a brand like Golden Brown The Label take hold of their brand image?
They only collaborate with individuals that embody the soul of the brand. Yeah, I’m going to say it – authentic – they seek the authentic!

This is where magic begins…

Penny M

Creating Magic

What is magic? In the deepest sense, magic is an experience. It’s the experience of finding oneself alive within a world that is itself alive – David Abram

Arguably, one of the key strengths of The Right Fit is the ability to unite creative talent within a single booking (from photographers to designers and everything in between).

But what is really special is aligning aesthetics to build a masterpiece. Brands are able to search and find a photographer and model with vibes that just mesh. Essentially, they come together and collaborate. Building an idea before ever pressing ‘book’. To top it off, they can do this all on a single job brief. Blade runner style? Done and booked in 2 days.

Which brings us back to Golden Brown The Label. Who, when mixed with the talented TRF twosome (Photographer Penelope M and model/ingenue Lauren M) simply got it right. It’s Sophia Coppola meets Fleetwood Mac… What a dream.

To end you with dad joke . They found, The Right Fit.

Penny M photography

Peny M Photography

Article by Amber Van Twest