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A leading Actors Tourism Campaign & Australian Tourism body needed lots of great content to feed their social channels, newsletters, brochures, PR, trade shows and various marketing collateral. It’s important that the talent they feature in these campaigns is an authentic representation of their customer base, showcasing a variety of ages, ethnicities, and skills. 


Talent on theright.fit platform has been engaged across both stills and video content pieces for the client’s image library catalogue. As it is going into the client’s library for future use, the usage rights for each shoot are global usage, all media & in perpetuity. 

Just some of the talent requirements fulfilled through theright.fit include:

  • 35year old real caucasian couples, who enjoy the outdoors, for a shoot in Lake Macquarie – 5-day shoot
  • Male and Female Asian talent, 30yrs+ for a hiking & kayaking shoot in the South Coast – 12-day shoot
  • Mature couple 50yrs+ for Wine Region shoot – 3-day shoot
  • Couple in their 40s-50s for Mudgee, Canberra & Shoalhaven shoot – 15-day shoot
  • 2 x Chinese girlfriends for a Sydney CBD & Harbour shoot – 2-day shoot
  • Indian family with 2 children for Sydney Harbour shoot – 1-day shoot

With over 10,000 talent on the platform, including real families, real couples, and a variety of ethnicities and ages, this tourism client was able to find the right talent, for each brief, and the right budget. 

I don’t know about you, but these images make me want to go on holiday!

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