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ranges from $200 to $500 per influencer
10 days
When leading protein brand Vital Strength were launching their rebranded range, they came to theright.fit to engage a mix of mirco and macro influencers in the Health, Fitness, Wellbeing & Lifestyle categories.
The campaign objectives were to create high quality engaging content, showcase the new branding, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.
As the key messages were that the product is natural, with zero artificial and high in naturally occurring nutrients, they were looking for influencers who’s content reflected a clean lifestyle, a focus on fitness, strength & overall wellness. 
From 2 job listings, one for Micro and one for Macro influencers, they found highly engaged, on brand influencers who delivered results.
Not only did the selected influencers generate great reach & impressions, they also saw positive brand sentiment and action taken. On top of this, the brand received high quality content that can be repurposed for performance marketing, and used for their own social channels.







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