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$8,818 including agency management fee
10 days   
Sofi Spritz utilised theright.fit managed campaign service to execute the launch of 2 new drinks released into Grill’d stores, nationally. SOFI Spritz produce a range of pre-batched drinks inspired by the most popular cocktails in Italy. SOFI is lighter than wine with only natural ingredients and no added sugar, so good news for you, next time you’re enjoying a delicious burger, you can enjoy a Sofi Spritz’s too – perfect for summer!
The objective of the campaign was:
– Awareness of both the product (what SOFI Spritz is and how best served) and awareness of availability in key stockists. 
– Focus on Grill’d which is a new stockist for SOFI nationally (approx 140 outlets).
Influencers were requested to:
-Go to a Grilld store and purchase a burger and spritz
-Take a photo enjoying their meal and promoting that SOFI is now available at Grilld
-Post the photo to instagram (must stay live min 30 days)
theright.fit assisted Sofi Spritz to execute the campaign including 2 types of influencers (<10k followers + >10k followers) and assisted with gaining high quality content that SOFI Spritz could share on their own social channels, as well as creating a buzz around the new product partnership. 

If you have a product to launch or need some assistance executing an epic campaign, theright.fit offer a full managed service experience, including end to end strategy, brief, management of execution for just $3k+gst per campaign. If you would like to know more about this service, please get in contact.

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