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4 days
The options are endless when it comes to utilising influencers for your brand. You can request facebook, youtube, twitter even linked in! You aren’t locked into one media (instagram) or one post!
Optus posted a job on TRF, looking for influencers who would be interested in promoting their latest plan (which may we add is currently the most competitive prepaid plan in the market!!… you can thank us later). 

The job requested chosen influencers to post:

  • A swipe up link on their story
  • A permanent post caption, keeping post on feed for at least 2 months
  • A highlight story for at least 2 weeks
  • All posts ending with a call to action to encourage followers to find out more about the product

“I really like that we can be specific on what we want the influencer to post. It’s really reassuring that the job is legally binding, so once accepted we know we will see the work delivered without having to chase them up for 6 months!” – Charlie, Optus






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