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When Belgium based-iconic watch brand, Ice-Watch, were casting in Australia for their new global campaign to promote ICE sunset, they knew they were on to a good thing.
Sydney was the perfect backdrop (beach, babes and boards). What more could you want? 


Nonetheless, finding talent within an offshore market is traditionally tricky. Especially when that market is right across the pond to boot.

Red tape, language barriers, cultural idioms and geo-targeting are just some of the factors that need to be taken into an account when creating local content. Essentially, what works in one country, will not always work in another.  This is where The Right Fit comes in. We remove the risk, cut the lag time and make the connections for brands like Ice-Watch. 
Because, enabling localised talent education and transparency are key to creating effective regional content.

So what exactly does an international brief look like? Well, a little something like this.

International watch brand Ice-watch is looking for one brunette model to shoot in Sydney this summer.
The shoot will be a mix of lifestyle, swimwear and summer with international rights across print, digital marketing and point-of-sale for up to 2 years.

How Did We Go?

Within 48 hours, Ice-Watch had secured their model – Nevena T (chosen from over 50 applicants). A beautiful local Sydney talent with a can-do attitude and a brilliant understanding of the local market. Not only is she a gorgeous model, but also has over 85k followers on instagram, where she shared the results of the day.
Can’t you just feel the Bondi summer oozing from these images?


So what can we learn from this story? Creating localised international content is tricky, time consuming and to be quite frank, a little risky.
However, theright.fit solves this common problem by empowering both sides of the marketplace to connect, collaborate and create.

But enough of me rambling on. Because, at the end of the day, results speaks for themselves.


If you need talent or influencers for your next campaign, we’ve got you covered. With over 14,000 people in the marketplace available for work, we’re sure we have the perfect match for you. Simply post a listing of what you need, and let the talent come to you! It’s faster, more efficient, and more affordable than using an agent or manager. Get started today!


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