2 days

The Brief

The team at Kat The Label had such a great experience the first time they used theright.fit, that when the needed a superstar model with social reach for their next campaign, they new where to come to find her. The concept was desert themed, with the shoot taking place on vast sand dunes to showcase their new line of lingerie. The talent needed to be a size 8 for the sample sized garments, with smaller bust to suit the delicate style of the designs.

The Solution

The brand was thrilled with the response, almost 80 applicants in just 2 days. Christina M’s natural beauty was chosen with her perfectly matching the brand’s fiercely feminine design ethos, and her strong social reach adding value to the campaign.

Model: Christina M

“I had such a great experience with theright.fit. I will be using this process for all future shoots. Not only did I have very specific requirements and a limited budget, but I had over 78 amazing applicants in just two days. The process literally saved me hours, not having to reach out through Instagram or having to bargain with expensive modelling agencies, and TRF had all the paperwork ready to go, so I didn’t have to worry about any of that. And thank you so much, team, for being available any time! It felt like you were holding my hand the whole way through!”

The Talent


Responds within

a hour

Christina M


Jobs booked

New South Wales, Australia

Model, Influencer / Blogger