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$9,200 including agency management fee
25 days   

This year, Solvol enlisting the help of theright.fit to create awareness and buzz around their sponsorship of Tough Mudder and their EPIC competition to win a 3 day adventure to Tough Mudder NZ. Solvol is a heavy duty hand cleaner, without the harshness associated with coarser grade abrasives. 

This campaign was managed by theright.fit through our concierge service, and we are super happy with the results, helping to drive sales of Solvol, and subsequently entries to win the trip to NZ. 

We ensured we planned a campaign that reached a broad audience. Not only did we attract the attention of sporting/celebrity influencers, we also approached mummy bloggers and similar who need a high standard of cleanliness every day (eg. clean hands when you have a young family) to post.

Influencers who were interested in posting about Solvol bought the product, and posted with a call to action for their followers to enter the competition. Solvol was able to find influencers who were already competing in Tough Mudder throughout Australia, and had them live stream via instagram story as well as post images of themselves at the Solvol activity station. Not only did this result in some epic and genuine content, but it also helped reinforce the Solvol’s sponsorship of Tough Mudder.

We know our talent back to front, and we know how to execute  a top campaign utilising theright.fit. If you would like to chat about our concierge service, please contact us. We would love to help!

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