Chatting with Jac Cabrita a TV Presenter who runs multiple successful social media accounts across various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. He loves to create various types of content such as vlog’s, reviews, comedy sketches and memes etc. Which has lead to him working with some big name brands like Jay Jays, Star Wars, General Pants and Disney, just to name a few!

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How was your brand Jac Cabrita founded?

My brand ‘Jac Cabrita’ began when I started to do professional dancing and making gym videos in 2014.

What are your top tips for social influencers wanting to grow their brand?

My best advice outside of hashtags, great content and hard work is to figure out your end goal then reverse engineer how to get there. It’s important to stay in tune with yourself and take time to figure out the message your trying to portray.

Who are the coolest people you have ever worked with?

For me working on a campaign with Katy Perry was pretty exciting and a never forget moment.

What do you think are the biggest challenges influencers are currently facing?

The biggest challenge for influencers in my opinion is true authentication. But then I ask myself is it really possible to be authentic in such a manipulated and edited world. But I guess that’s a conversation for another day.

Why did you approach TRF to work together?

I approached to work with TRF when I realised their team really cared about the users.

Why did you approach TRF?

For most fields of work, we have to go from site to site to find work, but NEVER have he had a place for all entertainments in one place. TRF is a place to find work. Quite easily might I add. So on behalf of all us


What is next for you?

In the next 18 months I’d love to turn social media into a full-time job. I’d really love to work on my first model campaign and sign with model agent. Besides this I will be releasing my own show later in the year.

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Any other comments?

ANYTHING can happen if you work hard enough. In 2011 Ed Sheeran did his first professional show in Sydney to 70 people. And 7 years later he’s now selling out stadiums to over 80,000 people. Let that be a testimony that hard work pays off.

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