We have rolled out a brand new functionality to help you update your profile.

We’ve added drag and drop!

You can now rearrange your profile photos to ensure your best ,or most recent photos are always at the top.

This is a great time to update your profile and order it so your best pics appear first.

Andrew Maciver, NSW based actor, model, MC and influencer is a great example of a kick ass profile – https://theright.fit/talent/andrew-maciver

We wanted to show you what clients see when you apply for a job.

“It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person”

Source: Institute of Conversion XL, 2017

First impressions count!

Here is an example of what the clients see.

Talent Profile Pics in Application – Client View

Steps to follow:

  1. Log into theright.fit
  2. Click on “My Profile” from the left hand menu
  3. Click on “Portfolio Photos>Edit”

Edit Portfolio Photos

4) Click on “+ Add Another Photo”

Add Another Photo

5) Once the photos are uploaded, simply drag and drop them, ensuring that the most recent pictures are at the top!

If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out our recent blog on how to choose the best photos for your profile and book more jobs:

Whilst you are there, don’t forget to update profile picture. This will be the first picture a client sees of you on the platform, so choose carefully. It should be:

  • A headshot, not full body
  • A jpeg, or png file.
  • No more than 5MB in size.
  • Your best shot – no logos or branding.
  • Tip: Don’t wear a hat or sunglasses

If you have any questions just email [email protected] 

Have a wonderful day.