It certainly does seem to be a trending topic at the moment, the disintermediation of expensive and cumbersome middlemen in order to take control of your own affairs and activities. It’s a conversation that certainly surrounds the topic of blockchain technology and the resulting popularity of cryptocurrencies that cut out banks and even governments from worldwide transactions.


On a micro level though, the digital age has truly changed the way an individual can govern their daily lives and projects. Gone are the days of trudging through laborious meetings and paperwork with corporates who don’t truly understand your needs. With the rise of the peer-to-peer marketplace, you can use the power of the world wide web to truly take back control and do business on your own terms.


After all, Australia certainly is one of the forerunners of the emerging and expanding online marketplace and sharing economy. For example, almost 2 million Australians have outsourced the drudgery of their day-to-day tasks using the Airtasker platform, a trusted community marketplace that can be used for anything from handyman tasks to office admin. Similarly, enterprises use digital resources like to post projects and receive competitive bids, from junior through to senior professionals, all within a matter of minutes.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, the rise of the peer-to-peer marketplace is also an important consideration for anyone who manages a brand and is looking for a more efficient way to secure talent rather than committing to an expensive influencer agency. The good news is that you can certainly find top-tier creative talent online, and even secure them on your own terms, without having to engage in talks with an agency or large corporates first.

Welcome to the ultra-convenient world of If you need influencers, content creators, professional models for hire and actors, or even photographers and videographers, you can find them all in one place: our online platform. You can even build your creative dream team for influencer marketing in mere minutes … all to a budget that you set.

This truly puts the control squarely back in your hands as a brand or marketing manager, allowing you to book talent and process payments on your own terms. No fuss, no paperwork, just convenience and access to the best talent in the industry. We also provide easily accessible support teams that are based in a number of Australian cities, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney for maximum coverage.