As some of you know, we are offering 3 months free access to contra collaborations during this time to help businesses that are affected by COVID19. 

Some FAQs about contra collabs with influencers:

-How many influencers can I collaborate with? 

As many as you’d like!! There is no limit on the amount of influencers you can gift your product or service to. There’s over 12k influencers on the platform.

Do I have to pay the influencer? 

No. Contra is a barter arrangement between 2 parties who exchange goods or services without any remuneration.

-How many offers can I run? 

As many offers as you’d like! If you’re a PR agency, you can use this for multiple brands. If you’re a brand, you can use it for multiple different products or campaigns (ie Mothers Day, Easter, Anzac day)

-Can I dictate what the influencers posts or writes? 

Contra is a collaborative relationship. We recommend giving them all the information they need on the brand, product, service, and then letting them do their thing!

-How else can I use this to help my brand? 

Build up google reviews, facebook reviews, ask for testimonials to use in your marketing material, or even to create content that the influencer doesn’t share but you use on your channels

-So what do I actually pay? 

Nothing. It’s free. No catches. Covid sucks.

Here’s a blog I wrote on how to write a really engaging contra collab proposal, and here is a video that literally shows step by step how to post.

Just use the code CONTRA3 

To upgrade to the contra subscription for 3 months free. Just go to ‘account settings’ and subscription and pick Contra.


If you would like information on Managed Service or the additional 50% off booking fees for those impacted by COVID, please email [email protected]

Here to help.

Taryn x