January 27, 2023

Discover Our Most Inspiring Creators

If you aren't booking 'thought leaders' or content creators in 2023 - you're doing influencer marketing wrong! Let help you out.

Are you planning your next campaign? You’ll likely already have creators in mind. Whether your goal is to amplify brand messaging or hype audiences up for a product launch, we’re here to shake things up.

In 2023, the conversation has moved past the importance of diversity and inclusion to the power of thought leaders. Instead of tokenism, it’s all about leveraging talent with unique skills and experiences to allow your campaign to shine.

Here at – we know that best. That’s why we have over 6000 unique and talented creators ready to bring your brand vision to life.

Prioritise Authentic Branding

To adequately capture the power of your brand, you need powerful talent. Not only will the campaign generate awareness, expand the reach and ensure your name is more recognisable to customers, but ultimately – it will tell the brand story.

Aligning with authentic thought leaders with something to add to the conversation is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd and make your mark in any industry.

Enjoy our Top 10 Most Inspiring Creators of 2022. We can’t wait to see what they do in years to come!

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The Top 11

Anna Flanagan: Olympian

Anna is a force! She is an Olympian, dual Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, and Australian Hockey Player. She has represented Australia at the World Cup and was named 2013 Young Player of The Year.

Having worked for FOX sports, Anna is highly engaged in the sporting industry and feels confident presenting. Anna uses her profile of over 39,000 followers to share sporting updates, plus her passion for fashion and food.

You can book her here.

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Brooke Benson Campbell: Naturopath

Brooke is kind and caring, creative, qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science - Nut Med), Naturopath, Educator and Mum. She shares her love for healthy living, well-being and travel online.

Brooke has worked as an in-house Nutritionist for Maxi, Bioglan and Sambucol. She has presented to large audiences at The Fitness Show Australia and The Wellness Show Sydney, plus appeared as a Nutrition Specialist on Foxtel's The Golf Show.

You can book her here.

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Manu Feildel: Celebrity Chef

Manu needs no introduction. He is a renowned French-Australian chef, restaurateur and television presenter, best known as one of the judges of the prime-time favourite cooking show My Kitchen Rules.

Manu’s passion is making Australians inspired by their cooking. He has formulated and released The Sauce – a dream developed over five years and finally brought to life in 2019. With close to 200,000 Instagram followers, Manu is an impactful face for any brand.

You can book him here.

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Ayda Shabanz: Finance Expert

Ayda is a trailblazer. She’s a successful entrepreneur and finance expert with a self-made property empire worth over $10 million. She’s happy to share how she’s turned her real estate success into a life of travel, well-being, and adventure with her growing following.

Ayda is intelligent, engaging and able to bring the perfect mix of energy and inspiration to your next event, product launch or campaign. She has been regularly featured in the Australian Financial Review, Yahoo Finance, Domain, Australian Property Investor and Sky News.

You can book her here.

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Joel Pilgrim: Mental Health Ambassador

Joel is a mental health Occupational Therapist specialising in early psychosis and rehabilitation. He is also the founder and CEO of the mental health charity – Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation. Joel and his team pioneer surf therapy as an intervention in mental health.

He is an experienced public speaker and MC who has traveled nationally and internationally. Joel was also an NSW finalist for Young Australian of the Year 2018. With exuberant, warm energy Joel is the perfect friendly face for your campaign.

He’s also written a children’s book – Stand Up Stand Out. Talk about doing it all.

You can book him here.

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Lottie Dalziel: Sustainability Expert

Lottie is a journalist, sustainability expert and speaker. She started her career at NOVA and the ABC in Brisbane before transitioning to Pacific Magazines.

Lottie’s experience working across titles like InStyle, Better Homes and Gardens, Diabetic Living and Home Beautiful means she is well-equipped to bring your campaign ideas to life. She has delivered content to an audience of over 6.1 million Australians as Digital Content Manager of Men's Health and Women's Health (2017).

In 2018 Lottie made a New Year’s resolution to reduce her waste drastically and is now the Sustainability Editor at Gritty Pretty. She has incredible insights to share.

You can book here.

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Drew Harrisberg: Sports Scientist

Drew is an Exercise Physiologist, Educator and Sports Scientist. In his own words – “Most importantly, I’m a happy and healthy guy thriving with Type 1 Diabetes.”

Drew launched ‘Drew’s Daily Dose’ after being diagnosed at 22, where he shares the benefits of a strictly whole food plant-based diet. He’s a passionate advocate for rescue dogs, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare.

Not to mention – Drew’s famous ‘singing dog’ Dennis has nearly 80k followers on Instagram and a whopping 50 million views through viral videos.  

Drew is also a talented singer-songwriter!

You can book him here.

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Helen Chik: Writer and Author

Helen is unapologetic. She is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator, sharing her love for unique style and adventures worldwide (through her rainbow-tinted lenses).

Helen is a published author of ‘Sex, Swipe and Other Stories’ (2022) and regularly writes dating content for, The New York Post and Fashion Journal.

In Helen’s words - “It became clear to me that I had been focused on online dating for most of my adult life — outside of my two marriages. Each time I found myself single and searching, I’d inevitably revert to online dating.”

You can book her here.

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Ali Kitinis: CEO and Disability Advocate

Ali is inspiring in every way. She is an 18-year-old model, actress, singer, dancer and entrepreneur. She was named Australia's youngest CEO in 2017, having run three businesses since she was 11.

Ali’s clients include Disney Channel Australia, Sydney Film School, The Australian Film and Television Academy, Total Girl, Girl Power and Mink Pink.

Ali also has an autoimmune condition and is an advocate for disability awareness.

You can book her here.

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Jarrad Seng: Photographer

Jarrad is a phenomenon! He’s an Australian-based photographer, filmmaker and creative director and one of only three official Canon ambassadors in Australia. In 2017, Jarrad starred in Season 2 of Australian Survivor.

He has garnered a global fan base (200,000+) and landed ambassadorships with major brands such as Qantas and National Geographic. His incredible work has been viewed by millions worldwide and showcased in exhibitions worldwide.

You can book him here.

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Tigerlily: DJ and Mum-to-be

Tigerlily is iconic. As one of Australia’s premier producers and DJs and signed to Universal Music, Tigerlily is no stranger to paving the way.

She has over ten years of experience in the industry and has been voted Australia’s #1 Female DJ three years in a row.

When she’s not performing at global festivals and world-renowned clubs, you can find her working with Amazon Prime, The Grand Prix, Bondi Boost, Samsung, Women’s Health, Australian Open and JBL. 

With over 600,000 followers, Tigerlily knows the power of branding. She advocates for a plant-based lifestyle with her online platform, Our Soul Purpose. And – she’s also expecting a mini tiger!

You can book her here.

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