As consumer feedback continues to drip in, the message is clear – Diverse and inclusive content is something that brands should be striving for in this day and age. Edible Beauty Australia  provided an incredible example of the true beauty via their latest campaign using talent from

Edible Beauty Australia recently came to the in search of some influencers to work with. Their briefs included two pregnant models, a female model aged 50+ and female models aged 25-35 years old.

In one of their many posts featuring our influencers, they stated how “Unique is beautiful!” And aren’t they right! Check out the image below to see the brands approach to beauty.

Edible Beauty Australia jumped right in with our models who had to be comfortable in their own skin and promote the concept of being comfortable in their own skin to their followers. 

They also have to believe in and promote the message that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Being proud of and celebrating their natural beauty regardless of age, race, etc.

This campaign was a huge success, with images to be used online indefinitely; on both owned and rented social channels, the website and an Edible Beauty E-book.

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