Connecting with your audience is easier than ever given the extent and usage of social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Weibo and YouTube (Just to name a few).

That being said, creating likeable and snackable content that relates to your audience is not without its challenges. In this day and age, brands need to create regular and engaging content in order to stay top of mind in loyalty-less world.

Gone are the days when a brand could post the occasional one off advertising campaign and expect big things. These days, audiences expect to engage with brands either through owned or rental social channels on a regular basis. This is where regular content comes in.  A practice made far more economical with the use of influencers, models and photographers booked through a platform like .

Take for example, Koala. Koala is an iconic Australian furniture and bedding company. They aim to deliver high-quality furniture. Being Australian made and owned they are making comfort in sleeping and sitting their number one priority. 

Koala have used the, in search of models, influencers and photographers on over 16 occasions!
Most recently they used to  showcase Koala products including mattress’, pillows, bed bases and sofas. The picture above shows how talent Richard displayed his friendly warm smile while cuddling on the most comfortable mattress in the world. Sitting has never been that relaxing.

Koala were able to use quickly and easily to deliver fresh content to their audiences due to innovative functionality of which  focuses on delivering fully-screened, audience relevent talents, dedicated to creating beautiful content.

At, finding the right talent for your brand is so easy. We can help you find influencers, models, actors, makeup artists and more!



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