Technology has brought about a lot of good things to the world. Every individual, whoever they may be, has used technology for their own advantage. Technology improved our form of communication since the old days. Furthermore, it has introduced several platforms, such as social media that help companies and businesses reach a wider audience.

How Did Social Media Help Us

There is an evident rise in the use of these social media platforms. With these, networking has never been this easy. People now have access to information from all around the world. Whether it is through an Instagram post, a tweet, or a status update on Facebook, we are continuously made aware of a number of global happenings.

In addition, social media also serves as a platform for all of us to effectively communicate who we are. We are given a chance to show the world a little bit about ourselves. In fact, the term “social media famous” was created to describe a particular category of fame that happens behind your gadget screens. With worldwide fame comes fortune!

Brands and other companies, especially in the modeling and fashion industry, have also used these social media platforms to reach out to those who are famous in social media. They provide product sponsorship for these social media influencers for their product to reach a much wider audience. It’s a different way of expanding their brand but an effective one at that. With social media, brands can now connect with their customers in a more personal way.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

There is great power handed to you if you are a social media influencer. These influencers are considered media which is why brands do not hesitate to set aside a certain budget for sponsorship and other offers. Advertisers are now using influencer marketing to reach their customers and to improve their relationship with them.

If you are a marketer, you should understand the effect of using social media and how it can be used to voice out what your brand is trying to say. Looking for the perfect influencer personality to represent a brand is crucial.

In addition, here are a few statistics that may be helpful for you:

  • 57% of companies in the beauty and fashion industry are using influencers as part of their marketing strategy.
  • 86% of the most-viewed beauty and fashion videos on YouTube are made by influencers with only 14% coming from the brands themselves.

  • 86% of women turn to social media first before purchasing anything.
  • 70% of YouTube subscribers would trust the opinion of an influencer rather than that of a celebrity.

With influencer marketing, you get to target who your influencer personality should be. Furthermore, it helps you identify those that are the most ideal in promoting your campaign. With social media, you can amplify your campaign as well as mobilize influencers to create content that will attract the right kind of customers. Eventually, you will see an increase in customer engagement and sales with this strategy.

Turn theory into action

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