All around the world, people are preparing for Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival). The year of the Pig: a year of fortune and luck is fast approaching this February 5th.

Together with the many Australians taking part in the Chinese New Year celebrations are record numbers of tourists from Singapore, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong choosing to celebrate this special time in Australia.

In fact, Managing Director of Tourism Australia, John O’Sullivans estimates that between “upward of 250,000 visitors” will enter our shores during the Chinese Year.

Chinese New Year, like many other festive periods is a time of high expenditure.  Collectively, global spending is expected to hit $140 billion dollars. Tourism, retail, food, luxury-goods and entertainment are forecast to experience the biggest growth. 

Knowing this, how can local brands target a demographic that may not speak English?
Chinese New Year

Create Helpful Content through partnerships

Language and cultural differences are two of the biggest concerns Chinese visitors have when visiting Australia. Brands should be considerate of this before creating potentially redundant content.

That being said, they are also heavy social media users. Case in point, Singaporeans are one of the most active social media consumers in the world!  

Knowing this, brands should choose to partner with Chinese influencers or those with a relevant Chinese audience and cultural understanding. has a strong pool of popular Chinese influencers (both locally and abroad), able to appropriate or create new content for Mandarin or Cantonese speakers.

Here are just a few of them:

Singapore based Rachel (10K Instagram following)
Melbourne based Crystal (27K Instagram following)
Sydney based Jenny L (52K Instagram following)
Sydney based Alisha (42K Instagram following)
Sydney based Mathew (16K Instagram following)
Chinese New YearChinse New Year

Ask the team

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Chinese New Year

Gōngxǐ  Fācái!

By Amber-Clare Van Twest