In an era where reality television certainly dominates the ratings and almost anyone with charisma can become a social media star, the line between celebrity and your average Joe on the street certainly has been blurred. It’s no surprise that this trend has also started influencing commercial advertising and marketing activities too. We’re seeing a sharp increase in casting teams looking for real people who have real talent for their next campaign.

Like Who?

Brands like Dove have put aside their extensive casting calls for perfectly polished models and actors, choosing to represent real people in real time to sell their products instead. This isn’t just unique to Dove, this trend can be seen across a wide range of industries and media, including big-budget films and even reality tv shows who feature the normal day-to-day lives of real families. In many ways, this can be one of the most powerful narratives of all.

This change in the media landscape certainly leaves casting directors with a new question when it comes to finding talent for projects. After all, the most important thing is to establish the right campaign for your client and sometimes this means finding real families with real talent and fast. Make no mistake, it’s certainly no easy task to be in charge of casting great family actors.

Then How?

This conundrum can be true regardless of the type of shoot, from a film, web series or commercial to music videos and even product demos. These types of projects may at some point require real families who provide an even distribution of talent across all ages. Whether you’re working with acting agencies in Sydney or holding one-on-one auditions with actors in Melbourne, regardless of where you go in Australia, this booking challenge can be daunting.

But there certainly is a quick and easy way to get you the talented family actors that you need for your production! For example, have you used the platform to book an actor yet? Whether you’re casting a family for a TV commercial, digital and print campaigns, or even a social media campaign, our platform has thousands of professional male and female actors, including adults and children, who are ready to work with you. You’ll have access to all of the talent you could possibly need, and at a budget that suits your production, right at your fingertips!