Location scouting just got a whole lot easier! 

Every now and then we hear about something new and clever that could be useful to you, and we’re more than happy to spread the word. 

This week’s special find is A Perfect Space

We all know how annoying and time consuming it can be to find great locations in which to shoot. It can be a total drag and add weeks to your pre-production workload. 

Perfect Space has just changed the game. Their website lists incredible properties all over Australia, Bali, and LA. It’s listed everything from luxury private homes to rustic farmhouses, to converted churches and everything in between. New properties are being listed daily and most of them are not listed anywhere else – A Perfect Space gives you access to locations you wouldn’t otherwise get, from the comfort of your own desk. The site is really easy to navigate, the property owners are pre-approved and keen to have shoots and events take place in their properties, and the hire prices are clearly stated. No more awkward discussions about rates with homeowners! It’s a great concept beautifully executed. 

I caught up with A Perfect Space Founder, Kate Mitchell to find out what the key things to consider are when looking for that perfect space to shoot in. 

There’s so much to consider before booking a space for your shoot. There are obvious things like the aesthetics of the space – do they reflect the brand and the objectives of the campaign? The budget – can you afford the space you want to shoot in? The size – will all of your crew and cast actually fit onsite? Catering – can you feed everyone during the shoot or get food delivered? Then there are the not so obvious ones. 

Noise is a big factor. If you’re shooting sound you’re going to need to make sure you can control the noise around the location. If the house you want to shoot in backs onto a train line, or has construction going on next door, you might want to reconsider the space… 

Travel is another biggie. You might find the most incredible sunken lounge room for your 70’s style shoot, but it’s interstate. The cost to move your talent and crew might inhibit your ability to use the space. Sometimes talent and crew members offer a lower rate for travel days – it’s worth asking before doing your sums. Of course, if you can find something similar in your own state even better.


Power availability is also often overlooked. Often older properties can’t supply enough power to keep your production and all the associated lighting and camera equipment going. It can overload the system. You might have to bring in a generator to ensure your power needs are met. This also needs to be considered if you’re bringing in your own catering kitchen – you might need to connect to gas bottles that you bring along. 

Access is, of course, a major element to any shoot. Everyone wants to find unique spaces that haven’t been overused in other campaigns. It can be tricky to secure a fabulous private home by cold calling. That’s where we come in. We’ve done the negotiations for you. We’ve also got local insiders in key markets that can help you uncover secret spots, do virtual recces for you and share their knowledge of the area, right down to the all-important best place to get a coffee! 

Thanks Kate. 

So, whether you want list your property to earn a little extra coin, or quickly and conveniently find a perfect space (see what I did there!) for your next shoot, head over to A Perfect Space to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.