Contemporary brand managers certainly don’t have it easy when it comes to cutting through the white noise created by the sea of content that bombards the average consumer daily. Whether it’s online videos and social media or tv adverts and even posters in a bus stop, everywhere you turn there are brand messages just screaming for your attention. It’s no wonder that consumers have become increasingly resilient at turning a blind eye to the majority of advertising tactics that marketers have taken for granted over the decades.

The Deceptively Simple Secret

How then, in today’s crowded market, does one get a brand noticed? And not just fleetingly noticed either, but actually seen by busy consumers who then convert to your products or services? The answer is deceptively simple: get to know your audience like never before, and never forget you’re talking to a human! Now we say “deceptively” simple because this is so much easier said than done. Finding an authentic voice for your brand, one that engages consumers who are incredibly savvy at spotting an “advert”, is one of the finest creative arts in the advertising industry right now.  


75% of Marketers Say…

…this is why influencer marketing is so hot right now! No really, from small start-ups all the way up to Fortune 500s, businesses are engaging with social media content creators to bring an authentic face and voice to their offerings. Having influential people spread your brand message for you is one of the most genuine ways to connect with audiences and engage consumers.

These certainly don’t need to be celebrity endorsement deals either. With the rise of the “micro influencer”, applicable content creators can be almost anyone who is relevant to your industry and has an engaged following on social media. Someone who can discuss and promote your products or services with their “peers”. This could be a mommy blogger in Australia or a budding photographer in the USA. All around the world, there are emerging influencers who are thrilled to promote products they believe in.

Content That Resonates

Influencers who have built substantial followings all have one thing in common regardless of their industry or speciality; they know their audiences and have figured out what drives them to engage. This is how they’re already in a comfortable niche of creating content that resonates with their followers by the time your brand approaches them.

Should your brand authentically be of interest to their target market, then you’re already cutting through a lot of the white noise out there. This could be in the form of blogger reviews, vlogs, social media posts, PR endorsements and various other forms of content (both online and off). If you’d like to browse through some top-talent influencers in Australia , definitely have a look through our portfolio. Get your brand noticed like never before!