What’s more to say if you’re an entrepreneur in this 21st century and you’ve got absolutely no idea whatsoever about expanding your brand name using one of the most powerful resources available to just about anyone today―social media. Perhaps as you’re reading this, you’re having certain doubts about the strategies we’re going to be providing. Rest assured, they are 100% tested and proven to work for any niche you might be engaged in.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter to name a few, effective social media marketing is paramount in building successful businesses that will thrive among the large market of competitors that we see today. We’ll be giving you some strategies to boost the marketing of your brand on social media ultimately leading to a positive impact on your business growth and sales.

What baffles the most is that a lot of people still email us asking how they can use these social media platforms to create a broad social media network with more customers. People ask “Hey, how should I be using Facebook or blogging to promote my brand?” The answer is quite simple. It all depends on what you want to accomplish and what you want to build. As an entrepreneur, you need to build your marketing strategies using the right tools and we have provided here some direct actions to help you.

Be clear about the purpose of your brand: To ignore this would be devastating in the end, especially if your brand is still very new in the market. It may surprise you to know that a lot of people cannot clearly define clearly what their business is and who their customers are. You don’t want to get trapped here. Mark out your own niche and specializations by doing a thorough research as this will help you discover who your target customers are and what they’re searching for. Bear in mind that you also need to ascertain that it’s a profitable one.

Market across many social platforms: Rather than depend on just one online media platform, you should harness the power of the various ones at your disposal. Convert Facebook friends into Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections into contacts that circle you on Google+ and subscribe to your channel on YouTube. If you regularly share content on every social network, you can rest assured that you’ll remain top of mind among your followers.

Write long and impulsive posts: If you’re familiar with Twitter, then you should know that it won’t budge on its 140 character limit for every tweet. This should not hinder you from sharing elaborate brand contents on other platforms like Google+ and Facebook among others. Such posts should include call to action buttons such as “like page” and “learn more”. These will drive clicks and increase traffic to your brand page.

Build Facebook groups: Everyone loves to feel associated with one group or another, and even more so if the group is an active one. Create and manage such groups on Facebook with active discussions about the progress of your company’s brand. These groups should afford people the opportunity to join freely after viewing your brand statement of purpose and members should receive direct updates from you regularly. 

Facilitate meaningful connections: You need to realize that your clients, customers and users are incredible people. When you identify like-minded folks among them, encourage them to interact with one another. In this way, you’re more likely to facilitate relationships that will always reference you as a common interest; thereby, reinforcing their love for your company’s brand and its motives.

Be intimate with old customers: Emotions are contagious and people enjoy optimism. You should always say things that are positive and uplifting about important issues your audience cares about. Social media users are more likely to follow you if you share happier updates. Learn to build a relationship with old customers and don’t get entirely focused on attracting new customers. Strike a balance in this aspect to get your brand on top of the others.

Be unique in the market: Learn to stand out from your competitors by giving that extra touch of uniqueness. Sometimes, you can be a little weird. Instead of playing it safe, take a few calculated risks that may prompt your followers to admire your company’s authenticity. You can also create custom posts with emojis that will make your audience laugh and cheer.

Come up with market attraction campaigns: Now you need to get to the nitty-gritty and create marketing attraction campaigns which will undoubtedly attract new customers to come to you by themselves. This should be cost-effective and can be done by setting up referrals links through other popular websites and blogs to create awareness that will grow your company’s brand.

Provide a bit of structure: When requesting replies, try to nudge your followers into a certain directed mindset as open-ended questions without any guidance on your part may result in only a handful of camp replies. The best entrepreneurs gain new paying clients through their organized and honest characters.

Celebrity takeover: For those businesses that have the networking and financial capabilities to recruit a celebrity for the task, a social media account takeover by a well-known icon can build up a lot of buzz. Just be careful about the talent selected for the job and clear about posting guidelines.

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