If you’re creating content – whether that is video, stills, social media content, ad campaigns or a TV commercial, its likely at some point you’ll need to hire a model. Hiring a model can be daunting – where do you start? What do you ask? And what do you pay?

There are common industry processes that models go through like go-sees and castings, self tests, digis, and more before getting the job. But here’s the question, how can you find the best model for your brand? We have gathered the following tips on finding the right model for your brief, and your campaign.

Be clear on the kind of theme or look that you would want to have. From this, you will be able to set a standard and strengthen the list of qualifications you are looking for in a model. The more detailed and clear you are in what you are looking for, and creating a clear brief, the easier it will be to identify the right match. For example, in your brief you should detail the age range or look, the height, hair colour, ethnicity, dress or pant size, and consider adding additional options like shoe size, skin tone, piercings or tattoos, etc. If you are looking at producing a shoot of a specific genre or style, it will also make it easier if you will look at the models’ portfolio, where you will be able to see who has had an experience posing for the feel that you would wish to go with.

Pay attention on the portfolio. The model’s portfolio says everything about the model’s experience. This will let you know if the model is capable of showcasing different looks, and this is important if the shoot requires more than two styles. You will also want to see the depth of experience of the model, and other brands they have worked with. A diverse portfolio of images showcases that the model is experiences and versatile. For you not to miss on the opportunity to work with someone who is a best fit, you may want to ask for their recent work or a digital photograph, or view their social media photos which are linked to their profile on theright.fit

Define your budget for the shoot. This will help you determine the level of experience you will be able to afford and for how many hours. It also helps both parties agree on some certain inclusions and exclusions in the project. For example, if your budget is quite tight, you may only be able to afford using the images for social media or your website, but not for print advertising, billboard, posters or television. Discussing compensation and/or deals is critical, and it is important that usage details and rates are set clearly up front and agreed to. This is done when you set your brief on the platform.

Maintain open communication. Once a talent has applied for your job on the platform, you can chat directly to them in the in build chat. You will be able to ask them questions and also discuss your project in detail. You can also share images and mood boards in the chat, so you can decide who is going to be the best fit for your project.

Read their recommendations When hiring a model, you can easily see their ratings and reviews from past clients on their profile on theright.fit. This makes it easy to see which brands have endorsed them, and their star ratings gives you a quick and easy way to see how they have performed on other campaigns. This makes it simple to see their experience and trust that the talent can deliver on your shoot.

Look for the best fit through a platform you know. We can all agree that social media has this powerful and fast way of disseminating an information to your target audience. With that being taken into consideration, it may help you find the model that you are looking or it may just prolong the search because of the endless inquiries and messages that you will receive, with no vetting, insurance, contracts or reviews. However, using a platform like theright.fit, will save you the time looking for the best model for your brand. It also gives you the opportunity to choose the candidate without having the stress of running through a lot of inquiries without vetting or protection. If you’re investing money, time and energy in the campaign, its important to ensure you’re working with a professional vetted talent who can deliver results.

How To Hire a Model Using theright.fit

Simply post a job with the rate that suits your budget, and they will automatically match you back with the suitable model that match your brief. Unlike an agency you get to manage your own budget. Theright.fit manages all payments, contracts and insurance. You only pay when the job is done.