Looking for a new job is one of the hardest things in the world, no matter how old or experienced you are, and things tend to get extra hard if you’re unprepared for the upcoming interview. Printing out resumes and sending them to different addresses is challenging and time consuming, but it’s still the easier part of the process. Once you get to the interviews, everything starts becoming serious and complicated – you need to do your part, make an impression and play a role your potential employer expects. Success at job interviews depends on a number of things and looking your best is one of them, so here are a few tips that can help you look amazing when trying to talk your way into a new office.

Find the right approach

There are lots of ways to dress when you’re aiming for success, but are all of these styles equally preferred at a job interview? You can go with the formal, casual, business casual or laid-back look and everything you pick might fit you perfectly and be combined in the best way possible, yet the overall effect could still be wrong. This means you could miss the opportunity to make a statement, which is why you should look for the right approach and think long and hard what to wear to an interview.

One of the ways to ensure success is finding out more about the company you’re trying to get into – of course you’ll know what it does and who’s running it, but can you find out more about their future plans, business strategy, employment attitude, dress code they might prefer and values they share? This is the info that tells you more about the company, its internal philosophy and how formal or casual it is, and this will ultimately help you find the right approach. There are slight differences between causal and business casual, but these can make a huge difference at a job interview.


Find the right colors

Yes, your flashy shirt and colorful pants are amazing, but stick to them when you’re dressing for a night out and make sure they’re far away from you when you’re picking clothes for a job interview. You can make a huge mistake opting for unsuitable color combinations, so be sure to learn the dos and don’ts of certain colors and what kind of message they convey.

Keep in mind that black, white and neutral always make a positive impression and make you seem like a professional, confident and determined person. If you wear something blue, red, brown or grey instead, your clothes will tell your employees how team-oriented, powerful, dependable and detailed you are, and that’s something all of them are looking for. On the other hand, colorful combinations and loud clothing items – purple, orange and yellow, for example – might not make such a great impression on an interviewer. If you’re a huge fan of these colors, however, you can incorporate them into your attire via small details such as handkerchief, ties or shoe laces.


Find the right materials

Nevertheless, even if you do pick the right color combination for your job interview, things might still go wrong unless you’ve paid enough attention to the material your clothes is made of. Polyester is one of the materials you might want to avoid, for instance, although it’s your favorite when it comes to the things you wear at home. Just leave it there and choose something more suitable for a business occasion.

Wearing a suit is surely one of the best ways to present yourself at an interview, yet deciding which fabric to go with could be harder than you think. There are several options you should explore and all of these have their benefits that will certainly make your time at an interview much more enjoyable. Wool is versatile, resistant and breathable, just like linen, which is great for summer interviews due to its lightness, while cotton is among the most favorite choices of American people who prefer its affordable price and the ability to absorb moisture. In the end, although it’s quite expensive, cashmere is luxurious, soft and adaptable to your body, so wearing it will show your future employer how stylish you truly are. People who pay attention to details will notice your suit and shirt material and picking one option instead of the other might tip the scales in your favor.


Other tips

When dressing for a job interview, there’s only one thing you need to focus on – staying relaxed. Once you find the right approach, color and material for your clothes, find just one item that’s not only versatile and adaptable – while men opt for a suit, women can try a tailored jacket – but that will make you remain calm. Now, go get ready and nail that interview!


Peter is a fashion writer at The Beard Mag & High Style Life magazines from UK and Australia. Beside writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.