When launching a new product in a crowded market like icecream & sorbets, getting product in customers hands to fall in love with it is so important for a brand. But gone are the days of sampling in supermarket, you can now do this in the virtual world, by giving your product to relevant influencers on social media.

Twisted Frozen yoghurt is 97% fat free, gluten free and contains live and active cultures for balanced inner health; made from all natural ingredients and Australian made.

Twisted came to to utilise the contra gifting section to give their new probiotic range to influencers who promote a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. They were looking for influencers to try to the product, give them feedback, and share their experience on social media with their followers.

Not only did Twisted gain some new loyal followers, they also gained some beautiful user generated content to use across their social media & newsletter.

Budget: no cash payment, all influencers were gifted $90 worth of the new Probiotic Frozen Yoghurt and Lite Ice Cream range & cooler pack to keep

Time from post to talent booked: 3 days

Talent applied: 66

Talent chosen: 11

“We found the talent to be really genuine and produce quality content, & we found it very helpful for brand awareness. ” – Freya Irving, Twisted Yoghurt

See the content some of their chosen influencers created:




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