Recently, Fermio booked some talent from Working with a mixture of actors, models, videographers, and bloggers; Fermio have all bases covered.

Fermio lab offers plant-based pretox drinks, scientifically formulated to provide healthy habits and a helpful boost. Bringing their product into everyday life and inspiring everyone to improve their health is their goal.

With the launch of their Pretox drink, Fermio invited talent who share the same passion to work with them.
Finding talent with not only the right look but the right outlook was essential to Fermio in deciding the perfect talent mix. 

Check out the videos below:

Talent: Erik V and Kara B Videographer: Roman Liebich

Talent: Naomi Sequeira Videographer: Roman Liebich

Talent: Paul H and Katherine L Videographer: Roman Liebich

Fermio also chose to collaborate with two of our influencers, Hannah S and Bonnee F to share posts on their Socials, showcasing the products to their followers who match Fermio Lab’s key demographic.

Whatever you’re looking for, we have it! Fermio are the perfect example of this, working with Influencers and Bloggers, Actors and Actress’, Videographers and more! If you’re looking for talent, head to and we can help you out. 

The Talent: