Your new stock is in. It’s all shiny, bright and market ready.

But one part of the puzzle is missing … the model!Choosing the right model is more than simply choosing from a candy line of pretty faces. Like any job vacancy, certain criteria must be filled.
Are they the right height? Do they have any visible piercings and, arguably the most important factor, do they have a good work ethic? Scrap that, do they have an amazing work ethic?

Personally, I think one of the coolest features available on for both clients and talent alike is the review section.
The review section champions a models achievements not through their own voice but instead through that of the client.

This section is 100% optional. However, time in and time again, I see our models receive the most incredible reviews. Like this one for Nevena Tepic.

“Nevena was a true professional, quick to act on ideas, great suggestions & a real intuition for what I was looking for”  – Milkman Grooming Products

Reviews like this are often central to decision making.
This was no different for Caroline of Naran Lingerie who recently booked Nevana together with two other model/influencers from

Naran Lingerie creates exquisite lingerie with particular attention to fit, design and lace.

It was vital the influencers chosen not only encapsulated the ethereal look and feel of the brand but that they were also easy to work with.

Delivering this task was made easy through which provides transparent overviews of talent through reviews, showreels and chat.

This makes the task of of booking talent simple, safe and fast.


“We love working with The Right Fit! It fits in with our marketing seamlessly and allows for a fast hassle free solution we know we can trust.  So important when looking for talent to represent our brand.The girls we have worked with have been highly professional, completing jobs on time and following any creative direction we may have provided.”


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By Amber Van Twest