The internet is considered the single most powerful marketing tool today, and by extension, social media has also made significant strides in this regard. For hair and grooming, it has been quite common for people to try and emulate, or at least try to look similar to their social media influencers. This has resulted in an influx of tutorials on how to get anything from the best disposable razors to the most complex of grooming gadgets. 

So what are the evident hair trends in influencer marketing? And how do they directly influence the perception of modern-day social media marketing? Let’s take a look. 

Rise of Influencers in Trendy Hairstyles

Hair, like most commodities, requires marketing to get it out there, now for most companies, websites just aren’t as effective as they used to be. This is why it is very common to see celebrities, especially those who have a ton of followers on YouTube rocking new hairstyles and promoting certain merchandise. 

This type of marketing that involves what is now referred to as brand ambassadors is a branch that takes influencer marketing to the next level. The same way other companies like Nike and Adidas use established athletes to push their products, hair companies are now moving to influencer markets to find people who can help put their products out there. 

The plan here is exposure. To create the illusion that these influencers advocate for their products, and to cause the trickle-down effect of reeling in their followers and getting them hooked on the product. 

Top-Rated Hair Influencers

For small brands to survive they need to partner up with social media influencers. Note that this is not just about the reach. Granted influencers do offer a great platform to market your product, but the most important tool here is to earn these followers’ trust that you are pushing a quality product. The only way to achieve this end is to get endorsed by the influencers themselves. 

Many companies have tried to purchase Facebook and Instagram accounts from influencers, this has never ended well because, at some point, followers always notice the account is under different management, and they all jump ship. This is why it is important to market your hair product through the influencers to get the best results. 

There are a variety of hair influencers who’ve made a name for themselves simply by how effective they’ve become at marketing new hot hair trends for different brands. They include Madison Woodruff, Chanel Valentine, Kitty Brucknell, Gaetano Cioce, among a long list of hair enthusiasts who have made a living promoting hot new products and trendy hairstyles. 

Key Consideration

As mentioned earlier, what many brands fail to realize is, when looking for trendy new hairstyles or the latest products, 80% of social media users rarely ever go directly to an online store. They go straight to the social media influencers they trust to give them ideas on what’s trending and what isn’t. 

The faith followers have in their specific influencers is so intense that they take every piece of merchandise, every product endorsed to have some sense of gospel truth to it. This is why, if a brand can tap into this trust, then the potential for increased revenue, as well as an overall increase in sales becomes exponential. 

Bottom Line

Influencer marketing has become one of the most sought after techniques today. As people begin to warm into the idea of social media as a game-changer in all market niches, it has become evident that companies who don’t take this seriously should begin to do so before they get left out in the cold. 

Finally, if you are looking for a full-proof marketing strategy that requires little to no capital investment, then influencer marketing should be at the top of your list.

Submitted by: Mary Austin