Why Influencer Marketing is important for your business

Today, no one disputes the rise of digital and mobile marketing as a primary resource for continuous
brand growth. Gone are the days of releasing a few radio and TV ads, or buying quarterly ad space in
popular magazines, being the start and end of your marketing strategy. With the internet of things,
your audience is plugged into branded content 24/7, 365.

But who on earth has enough time and resources to create a continuous stream of brand messaging,
across a variety of visual mediums, for their audiences to ferociously consume day in and day out?
Almost no one. That’s where influencer marketing can be crucial for boosting your bottom line while
keeping your promotion budget manageable. But what is it and how can it really help your brand?

So, let’s take a step back. What or who is an influencer? Put simply, an influencer is someone who
already has an audience’s attention and this fanbase listens when they post, speak, vlog or blog.
Most fundamentally, they can “influence” their audience to buy products and services from brands
that they recommend. It’s a common misconception that these are mainly Instagram influencers,
you’ll find them on a wide range of platforms from YouTube to Twitter or even websites, basically,
any digital space that they’ve grown a following on.

This means that when a brand engages an influencer to endorse their offering, this becomes
influencer marketing. Sounds simple right? The trick is finding the most relevant influencers from
the millions of bloggers, celebrities and social media content creators out there, to make a true
impact on your brand growth. That’s where a platform like theright.fit can help you find the best
“fit” for you in Australia.

However, this still begs the question. Why? What does your brand get out of a relationship and
marketing strategy like this? Well, influencers are trust builders. A Nielson report recently found that
recommendations from “friends” is the most credible form of advertising. People will believe a
seemingly independent source, that they already admire, over a brand talking about itself.

Influencers are also proven revenue and engagement boosters, they often can show finite return on
investment in terms of conversions and increases in sales. They do this with relevant discount codes
and tracking. There’s no mystery, just hard digital data to judge the success of your partnership.

Most importantly though, influencers are content creators who stream a steady supply of daily
updates … so that you don’t have to! It’s a win-win really. Make 2018 the year you start to work
smart and not hard in this regard. You’ll love the results!