There’s one thing that’s for certain, the flocking of brands to influencers to help sell their products and services to engaged audiences isn’t going to stop anytime soon. In fact, influencer marketing campaigns are becoming a central driving force for brands who are looking to improve their digital engagement and even bottom-line sales figures. However, there is a growing misconception that this type of strategy is native to Instagram alone. The truth is that influencer strategies can be deployed on a wide range of platforms.

Ultimately, the more powerful an influencer is, the more valuable their advocacy of your product or service will be to audiences. But as competition for influencers begins to grow and experts become easier and easier to access for brands, we’ll likely see more diversity begin to spread throughout the industry. In other words, we’ll see influencers of all levels, including the high-follower elite and conservatively followed micro-influencers, getting attention from brands.

This means that influencer marketing can be deployed on YouTube vlogs, LinkedIn and Facebook groups, direct marketing straight to inboxes and even websites or blogs. It’s certainly not restricted to Instagram celebrities alone. In fact, the field of content marketing initially evolved from consumer demand for authenticity and influencer marketing has grown from this seed.

As online customer conversations continue to evolve at the speed of light, influencers are playing a critical role in breaking through the online clutter, creating relevant dialogue and bringing trust to the table for brands. This phenomenon has become completely channel agnostic. It can even translate into real-world events and PR, it’s certainly not a strictly digital experience.

So, you’ll find that people whose endorsement and advocacies matter on a mass, or even micro, scale are on the platforms they’re most comfortable communicating on. Spread your horizons and integrate the most applicable channels to your specific audience. Find their favorite “watering holes” and then partner with influencers who are already engaging them there.

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