Now we know what you’re thinking. A powerful combo for what? And we think the answer is going
to excite you. Especially if you’re managing a brand that measures its success in cold, hard, sales.
This is because influencer marketing and social media shoppable links are a powerful combo for
increasing e-commerce success!

In the past, getting a social media content creator to promote your product also meant expecting
audiences to go through several steps and clicks to get to your e-commerce portal, and only then
could they buy the item being promoted. Understandably, there was a considerable amount of drop-
off of potential buyers the longer the purchasing journey happened to be. After all, the faster the
path to purchase, the higher the conversion rate of a campaign or affiliate partnership.

Now with shoppable links, you can go from content to commerce in one click! This type of
functionality has gone a long way in turning social media users into real-time shoppers for many
brands all around the country. Whether you’re partnering with Australian beauty bloggers or
mummy bloggers in Australia, you can use these trackable links to measure growth, results and
accountability in real time.

The great news is that these shoppable links have popped up on all sorts of different social media
platforms. From videos on YouTube to posts on Snapchat and Instagram stories, and of course on
Facebook ads, all streamlining the promotion of your product to a purchasing decision. It really has
become easier than ever


A browser who happens to see a product they like on social media may be less likely to later search
for the item themselves online, go through the hassle of entering their payment and delivery details,
and then finally place their order. Using the shoppable features on various platforms puts the point
of purchase right at the consumer’s fingertips, to be done quickly and effortlessly in the moment,
while the product is still at the forefront of their attention.

While social media is a place for inspiration and visual wonder – there is nothing more satisfying
than being able to buy that thing you love RIGHT NOW! More than ever, consumers are looking for
shopping methods that offer instant gratification. However, it’s still important that influencers strive
to maintain a good balance between creating organic content that appeals to loyal followers, rather
than spamming people with products.

So, while brands will feel the need to ask influencers to promote more and more products, they still
need to consider authenticity and spreading their influencer marketing between a few affiliates to
ensure success. To make things easier, you can always browse platform and shortlist
several influencers to approach within minutes, rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket.