Working out what to quote for an Instagram influencer campaign can be tricky.

A few things we recommend asking the client, so you can give them an accurate quote:

  1. “Do you want content approval before the image & caption goes live?” If they do, just make sure you are factoring into your quote the admin time to make revisions and changes and submit content to be approved
  2. “Do you want to use my image anywhere else, or repost my image on your channels?” If they do, factor this into your quote. If they are using the image for their website, newsletters, Facebook advertising, social media platform, bloggers, etc, you will need to increase the rate you are quoting.
  3. “Do you want any Instagram influencer stories or just a static newsfeed post” Again, including stories will increase the quoted amount

From there, you can use the below guide to work out your rate per post if you are not sure what to charge. 

It’s also handy to give clients some package options, for example:

“I can do 1 x post for $500, or 2 posts for $800”

“I can do 1 x post and 2 Instagram stories for $600”

That way, you can negotiate together to find an outcome that works for you!

Don’t forget, you’re being paid for your content creation ability, your audience, and your authority & trust – so don’t undervalue yourself!