So you’re considering hiring professional talent for your project. But your cousin Joe, who doesn’t know the difference between a wide angle and a telephoto lens, says he can do the job for an eighth of the price. He’s not the best, but he’s convenient.

Why should you hire a specialist instead of cheap and easy Joe?

Because Joe can’t deliver what talent can.


If you want potential customers to imagine themselves engaging with your brand, you have to find talent that appeals to their perspective. Certain people won’t jive with your demographic – and that’s fine.

Say you’re trying to market a campaign to dads. Are you trying to attract all dads? Stay at home dads? Working dads? Single dads? Identify the qualities that define these groups – then seek talent with those qualities. When you’ve found someone your market recognises itself in, you’ve found a way to make your brand relatable.


The power of influencers increases every day. Statistics from a MuseFind* case study showed 92% of consumers trusted influencers more than traditional advertising or celebrity endorsements. As influencers continue to take on more prominent roles in marketing strategies, it’s well worth hiring talent with a social following relevant to your objectives.

Think about it. You run a body-positive swimsuit campaign with a number of Instagram-famous models, all promoting the same uplifting message. Their followers are diverse. When the campaign goes out, your talent re-shares with their respective fan bases. Followers want to be like your talent. So they turn to your brand. #Goals


When Under Armour – an exercise clothing line formerly centred on men – chose to expand its outreach to women, it engaged the talents of ballerina Misty Copeland to remind women permission is not required to become who you want. But Under Armour didn’t choose just any ballerina to advocate gender equality. They chose the ballerina already famous for smashing racial and body barriers in her industry.

Your talent is a person with their own experience, moral code and story. Whether your campaign choice is conscious or not, you’re always picking a person with history. And if channelled correctly, this history can lead to some of the most inspiring and memorable content out there.


When you hire someone, you engage their services for a reason. Professional talent will bring a unique skill set to your project – one you likely don’t have. Their knowledge of their field will inform everything (content creation, distribution, messaging) and this is essential in making a lasting impact.

The right talent will revolutionise your project by adding dimensions you hadn’t even considered. Their understanding of the industry will help you market your content to your desired audiences, while creating something that really lands. Whether through or paired with revolutionary tools like #gifted which offers a fun and easy way to implement contra gifting campaigns, you’ve got countless ways to connect with talent and put your brand in front of a hungry audience.

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