9 times out of 10 when you ask people about influencers they will respond, “Oh, those social media stars”. While this is, in essence, a somewhat accurate summary, it still brings to mind a small circle of ridiculously famous or beautiful people who have risen to celebrity status on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, particularly for their fashion insights or travel vlogs. When the truth of the matter is almost anyone can become an influencer, whether you’re a journalist, business expert, doctor, politician, historian, wildlife activist or even the hardest job on the planet, a parent!

The Power Of Micro Influencers

According to a recent Hootsuite study, over 3 billion people actively use social media around the world. This is over 40% of the globe’s population. It’s no wonder that in this digital age of accessibility and communication, many people will choose to follow individuals who influence relevant topics online. This has given rise to the micro influencer who is more approachable and relatable, with a smaller yet immensely dedicated and engaged following on social media channels.

In short, anyone who has the power to affect the decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their audience, is essentially an influencer of some sort. This is what brands have been waking up to in the realm of influencer marketing. Essentially getting these micro influencers to discuss and endorse your products or services to a platform of peers is far more powerful than blasting out a bunch of adverts. This is becoming a far more commercially viable avenue for brands to get results on digital platforms.


How To Attract Influencers

Some of the top Instagram influencers are actually incredibly picky about the brands they’re willing to promote. This is because they have to ensure that all of the content they create and publish to their dedicated followers is authentic and engaging. The smallest whiff of a paid endorsement, that doesn’t organically pair with the influencer’s usual topics and content, will drive audiences away from the account. This means that you first need to convince the influencer of your offering’s worth to both them and their followers.

Many businesses will send free samples and experiences to influencers in order to entice them into promoting them. Others will offer some form of payment alongside these freebies, but be prepared to state exactly how you think your offering or brand can strengthen their current content efforts if you want to entice them into working with you. If you’d like to explore working with influencers in Australia , don’t hesitate to browse through our portfolio of top talent and content creators!