Self Expression, Storytelling, Adventure, Challenge, Creativity, Great Friends, Art – the reasons to love modelling are actually endless.

We asked this weeks’ TOP 3 talent (who we believe are some of the top models in Australia) to share what they LOVE about their modelling careers and our industry.

Their responses are a great reminder of the rich and wonderful world that exists beyond the camera, and of all we can achieve in our careers.

Meet Brooke, Matthew and Matt…

Brooke Morehead, Model

 @brookemorehead fashion model and influencer

Q1. What do you love about modelling?

Whether you’re on the runway or a photoshoot, modelling is a way of expressing yourself and the story of the clothes you’re wearing. Every piece is a unique creation with it’s own meaning and story, developed from the designers own thoughts and experiences. It’s exciting to be involved in the creative process of bringing that story to life.

It’s also exciting because everyday, you’re always learning, meeting new people and experiencing the wonders the world as you travel the globe on hugely diverse jobs. I love how the modelling industry is a great platform to spread positive body image messages and an art form that connects audiences worldwide through their shared passions.

Q2. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start in the industry?

Always be kind to people on set and always arrive early! I suggest 15-30 minutes before your job. Stay true to yourself and never let people’s words or judgements about you effect who you are. There will always be negativity and rejection, it’s up to you learn from each experience, stay positive and keep your determination alive. Stay fit and healthy, keep focused on your goals and aspirations, be organized and most of all- have fun!

@brookemorehead fashion model and influencer

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Matthew Bartholomew, Model + Influencer

 @_mattbartholomew male model and fitness influencer

Q1. What do you love about being a male model?

Modelling is a versatile, ever changing area of work. This means that everybody involved has immense potential to experience weird and wonderful adventures. For this reason I find modeling to be a very exciting and enriching experience.


Q2. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start in the industry?

Network as much as possible, don’t just rely on your modelling agency. Your networking abilities are an integral component to your success as a model. The more you immerse yourself in the culture, the more it will give back.

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Matt Scaletti, Actor + Model 

 @mattscaletti actor and male model

Q1. What do you love about being a male model?

My father is a photographer so I’ve always been immersed in photography and fascinated by images, so naturally I’m a huge photography fan – Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, David LaChapelle, Terry Richardson, Ricky Powell, Robert Doisneau are just some of my favourite artists. Whether I’m in front or behind a camera, I’ve always loved being part of the power behind creating or capturing a moment.

Personally I don’t think modeling is always about having perfect features or good looks, it’s about using your energy to create moments that others connect with. Modeling allows me express myself, communicate to others and tell a story. It allows me to create my own powerful moments and affect the viewer or audience in some way. At least, I like to think I do 🙂

Q2. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start in the industry?

I’m still creating my own path so I’m no expert modelling guru, but my best piece of advice is for a female or male model, be true to yourself, understand why you want to be a model and know what you want from your career.

We all have our own reasons that guide us, and there are so many types of modelling, so to succeed it’s vital to define and be confident in yourself. I see a lot of people going after this standardized utopic idea of a perfect body and look. Don’t fall for that. Cultivate your own looks, embrace your diversities, develop your own style and be the best you can be. Let others inspire you, but don’t want to be them.

To create a great portfolio, find a photographer who you have a strong connection with. That bond will help you to relax and your true self shine with confidence. Be prepared to spend some time finding the right fit for you, but know it will be worthwhile. Take the same approach when looking for an agent, if you want one.

Finally, as one of my old mentors used to say: make sure you have FUN! (otherwise, it is all pointless 🙂

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